Thursday, April 10, 2014

SEKKISEI Lotion Mask Campaign & FREE Giveaway

I just got back from an island trip almost a month ago (will blog about it later) and as much as I love it there, I couldn’t deny that there’s also one thing I worried the most, my skin, or to be more specific, my face skin. You can put as much SPF lotion but the after effect of sun-tanning and what not, my face still bear the cost.

Honestly I have been wanting to take care of my face more often after I got back but I just didn’t have the time. What I mean is the normal skin care regime such as scrubbing, mask etc. I recently even dig out all my skincare product and I found a few of expired mask that I did not even remember I bought. Errghhhh.

So now it couldn’t be more perfect to try new product and start to take care of my skin again!
Introducing the SEKKISEI Lotion Mask.

They call it the best Whitening product. Let see why.

I have always wanted to try Japanese based product as I really envy their skin complexion. So smooth and radiant like that. So I guess one of the secret must be their skin product.

This lotion mask main ingredients are from oriental plant extracts such as:

1.       Coix Seed Extract (increased metabolism, whitening, moisturization and prevention of skin roughness)

2.       Angelica Extract (have disinfectant, whitening and moisturizing effects)

3.       Melothria (White Lotus) extract (suppress melanin production has whitening effects on the skin)

Not only that there are 9 benefits of this lotion mask:
4.       Translucency
5.       Firming
6.       Smoothing
7.       Moisturizing
8.       Whitening
9.       Relaxing
10.   Penetration
11.   Zero Pores
12.   Evenness

So when I received these babies I couldn’t wait to start!

Inside these are all the goodness I am about to put on my face.

So the steps to use it are really simple:

  1. Take one of the packet and slowly tear it to remove the mask

2. Slowly unfold the contain and you can see this face-shaped mask

3. And again slowly put the mask on your face. Try to eliminate as much air bubble as possible.

You can see here I’m just enjoying my short nap while relaxing and waiting around 5-10 minutes for all the nutrients to be absorbed.

4. Remove the mask





Errrr, I don’t know about you, but I can see my face has less puffiness, more radiant and glow. These picture are taken under same light, no edit whatsoever. I can feel the lotion moisturize and smoothen my face even after only one usage!

This amazing product is available in every KOSE counters and can be purchased at:
SEKKISEI Lotion 200ml- RM170
SEKKISEI Lotion 360ml –RM260

But hey, its not the end yet here’s in fact the best part! For those who would like to try and want to get your hands on the sample, fret not! Here’s your chance to win it. Im giving away 24 packets of Kose Sekkisei Lotion Mask to my lucky readers! 1 packet contains 2 samples.

All you have to do is to answer these 2 super-duper easy questions:
1. What are the 3 main ingredients used in KOSE Sekkisei Lotion Mask?
2. Name one of the benefits of the KOSE Sekkisei Lotion Mask. (Any 1 out of the 9 benefits)
*NOTE: There’s 24 Pocket Masks to giveaway. The winners will have to collect the mask from Nuffnang’s office.

Leave your answer in the "comment" section together with your full name & contact no. Or you can always email me at 

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