Friday, March 14, 2014

Gorgeous Boot For Sale (Steve Madden Inka Boot)

Arrghhh im writing this with a heavy heart.

just bought this lovely Steve Madden boot from ebay and i received it yesterday. I really really really love this boot laaaaa but unfortunately just like i have suspected, some part of it are made from pig skin. I did my research before purchasing it such as asked the seller, ask the Steve Madden's website itself, ask from someone who owns a same pair, but no concrete answer was given.

It seems that this is an older model/range and SM no longer produce it so they have no record what the material is. so i guessed i took my chance i just bought it first. takut orang lain dah beli duluuuuuuuu!

This boot is new but it's a display set so expect some flaws. The description for this boot is :

"New with defects
Store Display: In Box; Scuffs and stains on both shoes.

all pics above are taken from the seller.

now pics below are all mine.

comes in original Steve Madden box.

Suke sgt2 design nihhhh. x terkata lahhh. but too bad ade pig skin plak. So i hv no other option to sell it back, actually can return back tp lecehla. so dalam masa 2 minggu if no body berminat nk beli so i pulang blkla dekat seller for refund.

sudah tentu my aim is to sell to non-muslim lah so mintak tlg sgt sebar2 kan yeee iklan nih. im selling it back for a very very very reasonable price compared to original price.Just nk pulang modal je. Harga asal utk new boot not pretty sure but around USD150-USD200 raenye. so dlm duit kite dh jadi dlm RM480 - RM660. Ok itu harga utk boot baru, yg ni kire kurang skletla sbb display set kan so harga kalau kt tempat lain pun org x jual kurang dari RM300.

But with me i sell only RM150, full leather ok nih. boots Charles & Keith yg bukan leather tu pun jual dalam RM250++. This boots is size US6

Kalau anyone serious nk beli, harga blh dirunding. harga dah tmasuk Pos Laju or COD (depend on location).

p/s: seller yg i beli dr ebay ni mmg best2 barang2 die..They ship from US and harga reasonable. kalau nk tau email me