Thursday, February 13, 2014

The Shower (Bridal)

Officially my 2nd bridal shower. Most of my other friends dont do this bridal2 shower thingy hahaha.

When i was preparing for my wedding 2 years ++ ago, i knew she was mentally planning for hers too.

Now its her time. And i can see the excitement on her face. Ive been there where i wanted everything to be perfect, i want to have at least what every bride must have, i want this i want that hahaha..miss those time.

We had her bridal shower a few weeks ago. Supposedly her other friends (that I do not know) should be joining too. Initially there were 10 of us but at the end only 3 could make it (including her!). I know how frustrated she was but all i can say that it could be a bad timing whereby everybody had their thing going on. Some are heavily pregnant, some are busy with work, some have family matters etc.

The theme was black and gold so i just put on my black long flowy dress matched with dark gold top and covered with cropped cardi. I wanted to do some decos which involved heli balloons however since not so may turned up we only got small table therefore i decided to have only balloons. On the 3rd pic u can see i decorated the table with hanging gold coloured balloons with ribbons and i attached some of my friend's pre-wed photos. Cute! But due to work i have to fill the balloons with helium at the very last minute.  A bit kelam kabut that day.

For venue, she personally requested La Risata restaurant. And i glad we did! We picked the one at Bangsar.

This is us!

Seafood pizza, lobster spaghetti, prawn gnocci & salmon ravioli. The food was awesome.

The happy B2B.

The food was great, the service was fast and the restaurant manager was super friend she even made the table for us with a spread and also some candles. 

Price wise, to me its not that expensive. Standard2 DOME, Bubba Gump gitew. We ordered 4 dishes & 4 drinks and was charged around RM180++.not bad kann?

Wokeh,,thats all for now. Gotta go back to work


Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Pray For Us

Currently my mother has been warded due to high blood pressure and heart problem.

And work is piling at the office.

Some of my siblings are not being cooperative.. Argghhhhh when will they ever learn some responsibilities?

I really hope all of you can pray for her health.


Thursday, February 06, 2014

Unexpected Rudeness

Ill make it short.

last week my elder sister told me someone is advertising in her FB that she is selling ticket to her friends to any destination for half price. provided it has to be Emirates. From there i believe she must be working with Emirates (flight attendant maybe) so she managed to get staff price.

When my sis told me this of course i was happy lahh..dapat tiket murah kot. i asked her to approach that lady since they pun share 1 mutual friend (our relative jugak). cuba2 nasib mana tau boleh dpt ke kannn. dah siap berangan nk pg New York bagai ko hahahhaa..

They are not friends in FB so my sis sent a friend request and she accepted. When my sis pm her about the ticket, she suddenly went "sentap".. saying things like this ticket is only meant for closed friends and she felt offended the way my sis approached her. She said my sis has no intention to be her friend or to get to know her. She said she doesnt simply approve ppl but since their mutual friend said that my sis is BFF so thats why she approved. bla bla bla blaaaaa

I was like HELLOOOOO..kalau xnk jual ckp jela elok2..knp nk kene mmbebel. Its not that my sis approached her in a rude manner ke ape. i mmg pantang org nak kasar2 dgn my family/friends.

Mcm kite ni menagih plak. isshhhh moga dijauhkan dgn org2 mcm ni.

Anyway itu jelah nk cite and gumpat arini.hahaha. saje nk lepas geram.


Monday, February 03, 2014

Ayam Goreng KFC Yg Sedap Di Wedding My Fren

Sekali lagi blog ini dah berhabuk. Siap ada anonymous sound my sales blog dah bersawang.

sape la yg sound tuh..malaon sungguh hahahah

and again...due to lack of time and idea and mood and bla bla bla, hence the so called "hiatus" ni.

even chinese new year pn x wish.apetah lg Christmas dan juga new year.

last 2 weeks another of my close friend got hitched. Puan Mastura. We used to study together and she is my "teacher". Sentiasa sabar nak mengajar saya yang lembap ni hahaha. However, jasamu xkan ku lupakan.

Her husband is a mualaf.but already converted to Islam even before he met Mas. MasyaAllah untung Mas dpt guide saudara baru. ke dia yg guide Mas??hahahaha. JK

she made her wedding preparation only few months before..Alhamdulillah everything went pretty well. Lauk ko sedap la Mas. ayam goreng KFC tu mmg sedap gilerrrrr. siap tambah 2 kali kot.

Apart from this, so many other updates i would like to gv uolss.

Tapi mintk bersabar ye. kan dah suh doa supaya i hv more time to write? korang doa x??hihihi

Insyaallah akan tulis lg as soon as i can.