Wednesday, November 20, 2013

New Job Lagik!


Another new job. again.

However, im hoping this time it will be for long and for good. X larat asyik nak tukar2 keje. Gaji pun susah nak naik.

Like at this new place, its a good organization however i have to start from the very bottom. x bole nk demand gaji.xpela..pelan pelan kayuh orang kate.

Still strugling with financial issue. i have to admit that. Pening jugak but i believe rezeki tu Allah dah tetapkan.

Mintak2 dimurahkan rezeki sgt2 supaya dapat menyenangkan sume org. dapat membahagiakan sume org.

All in all itu je perkembangan so far..

Ohhh and we are most probably going to move! Been scouting for houses/apartments but so far nothing good...yet. Keeping fingers crossed.