Friday, November 29, 2013

My Wisdom Tooth Story (Part 2)

Salam Jumaat,

End of week 2 at the new office. So far so good. Its just the journey mmg challenging. Not just the distance, but the traffic, ridiculous! Tp kehidupan di KL mmg begitu..Jem di mana2 saje.

Bile tgk google map jarak is around 40km from my house in Damansara. Journey kalau x jem will take approximately 45 minutes to 1 hour..kalau jem??1 jam setengah hingga 2 jam..dasyatkan?

So thats why the option to move somewhere nearby does sound practical now. But like i said in the previous post, xde lg offer menarik. Maybe blom cari betul2 lg. Insyallah akan cuba lg.

But what i want to story mory now is my wisdom tooth yang tgh menggila skrg. My last post about wisdom tooth was in June last year. So mmg dalam 1 year ++ sakit tu akan dtg blk. for those yg familiar with this issue for sure tau each one of us mmg ade wisdom tooth yg akan keluar tak kire bile2 masa die nak (after all normal teeth dah keluar). But the issues are mcmane die kluar (angular, horizontal,vertical etc), sakit ke tidak (mostly mmg sakit gile), berapa bijik.

Download Wisdom Tooth Pain Symptoms

Like for me i hv 1 located at the end of my lower tooth (left side)..every once a year or so mmg i hv this pain sebab selagi x remove the wisdom tooth tu,selagi itulah sakit itu akan ade.

I dont want to do the removal mainly bcos it looks so scary..kene operate under anasthetic.korek gusi tu and then keluarkan gigi yg x dpt keluar tu. antara imej2 yg menakutkan yg dijumpai di google adalah (imej2 yg agak negri so sape xle tgk jgn tgk yee):

time nk remove:

after remove:

so rasenye..xpelah..i''ll pass. setakat ni masih bleh tahan lg :p . tgh nk pikir nk pg dentist mane nk amek antibiotik.

so sape yg ade experience gigi bongsu ni or dah remove sila2 lah kongsi ye.nk jugak tau.

p/s: all images from google.



Amos said...

Oh dear, the images are disturbing. Had mine done last year and it was fine, the dentist even gave me the tooth. Which i thought i could keep but then it rotted and smelled like something died haha.

Unknown said...

hello dear!sharing with u my experience removing my wisdom tooth:) good luck!

MyNewJourney said...

amos: arghh i x sanggup lg nk cabut..tgkla cmne

wani: tq!