Friday, July 12, 2013

Christmas In Paris? not going. eventho i really hope soo ;)

This post is just for information purposes only. If anybody is thinking/planning to go for Euro trip and looking for a bargain ticket price, this is good news!

while browsing for leisure (like i always do! hihihi) i found such an unbeatable price airfares from KUL - CDG (Paris). check the table below. This is from Saudi Arabia Airline.

Its on Christmas time baybeeeeeee! Not only u can experience Boxing Day, but also Christmas and New Year!

The lowest price according to the table above is USD615 which in RM is around RM1940. that is freaking cheapppp hokehhhhhhh! kalah harga MATTA fair.

ok ok itu saje nk kongsi. semoga bermanfaat