Friday, July 19, 2013

Zespri Fun Cook Off 2013

Have  u heard of a saying " An apple/banana/orange a day, keeps the doctor away"?

When i was small i always wonder what makes that statement stick to my head because errr i don't really like fruits. eh no..i don't eat fruits.

Yap. sad isn't it?

Now i think i know why they said what they said.. As i grow older, i realized my body is not as healthy as it used to be. It's lacking a lot of substance (???). Especially vitamins and mineral.

In addition to that, i don't eat fruits which makes it worse. I just don't like the taste of it in my mouth. The texture, the after-taste, sometimes the sourness. So i guess i just replaced them by eating vege. But...maybe they are not as good.

Now in my 30s and married. I hate to say that i am putting on weight. Maybe it's because i still maintain my eating habits like before. I can't help but to love oily fried food, full plate of rice (i can't live without them!), eat at night / late at night, supper and bla bla bla.. I tried to change my eating habits by eating only fruits at night. It felt good actually, but only lasted a few days (blurghhhh)

I need a push. Something to knock my head and make me sit on the floor and realize it's now or never!

Just in time when i received an invitation to this event called

Zespri Fun Cook Off 2013

This event is all about kiwi fruit. To be honest i did put kiwi in my menu during my "eating fruits at night but only lasted a few days" period. But....yeahhh.. hangat-hangat tahi ayam sahaja. :)

I know kiwi is good. I know kiwi is rich in Vitamin C compared to orange. Its just i dont know how to implement this fruit into my daily dose of diet. 

Well, enough about me. I was so excited to and can't wait to attend because this is just what i need!

This event was held at this place called Bayan Indah Culinary Resort located in Sg. Penchala. I was like "whattttt???????? i live nearby and i never heard of this place! this makes it more interesting. And the word "Culinary Resort" really intrigued me!

The aim of the cook off is to highlight the benefits and to encourage the consumption of kiwifruit - especially during Ramadhan.

During the cook off, they introduced kiwifruit into recipes in a fun and entertaining way as well as to illustrate the versatility of the kiwifruit in meals. I was guided by celebrity chef Rohani Jelani in unleashing my creativity in the preparation of a dish. Consultant dietician Indra Balanatram also there to give healthy diet tips for the fasting month

To be honest i never heard of Chef Rohani Jelani so i took time to Google her and she does look familiar. When we arrived we were served with Kiwi Smoothie which what i think is a mixture of kiwi & banana. Oh my doesn't that look super healthy!

And not forgetting to snap some pics with their mascot.

This is Ms. Lai Kim Tee the Marketing Manager of Zespri (M) briefing us about the history of kiwi, where and how these fruits are grown and harvested. Zespri is the world’s leading marketer of kiwifruit, currently managing 30% of the world traded volumes. Zespri is dedicated to providing the best tasting premium quality kiwifruit from more than 2700 current and past passionate growers. Zespri is a New Zealand based company that markets Zespri Kiwifruit to over 70 countries worldwide

Consultant dietician Indra Balanatram is doing her "thang" and provide us with so much information about the goodness in kiwi. She also implemented the benefits of kiwi especially in this holy month if Ramadhan. She stated some common symptoms that we face during fasting such as constipation, fatigue, dehydration, low sugar level in our blood and that's why its very important to watch what we eat while break-fasting and how kiwi should be consumed daily as it can replaced all the nutrient that was lost during fasting.

And it's the master's time to put on her show. Chef Rohani shared some useful tips on how to cut kiwi the easy way and how to store them for quick/ slow ripening,  We were all amazed when show us kiwi can also be used as part of ingredient to make sambal & masak lemak. Im salivating already!

While listening she also let us taste this homemade chips made of kiwi that has been cut thinly and let to dry. So yummmyyyyyy and can be eaten as munchiesssss.

 I was told that there will be a mini cooking competition and my hubby told me even from the start that he did not want to participate in anything. Ohh he was so shy hehehe. But surprisingly, after hearing all the explanation and demo from Chef Rohani, he just took the apron and participate. hihihhi.

See??i told you i've gained weight a lot! So bulat like that.

We were partnered up in to 2 people and i got separated with hubby. Forgot to take photo with my teammate.

We were to prepare a drink and sambal belacan which include kiwi in them. Also forgot to take photos of my work. But you can see the dish from Group No 2 which is my group!

Before announcing the winner, we had our lunch first. Chef Rohani had already prepared 2 other meals which is Chcken Cutlets with Lemon Sauce & Kiwi and King Prawn Masak Lemak with Kiwi.

 These 2 pics below are the best photo of the drink that i have..sob sobb..

My hubby's plate

My plate.

We also had them with the drink and sambal belacan with kiwi we made earlier in the competition

I had to tell you, this is the best meal i had in weeks! The kiwi is sort of complementing each dishes. With hot steaming rice some more. I was surprised to have kiwi in all these traditional dishes and they still taste darn good! And the drink Oh My God so refreshing i swear to make them everyday once i get home hehehe.

Mingling time.

And my group won the competition. We received a voucher for a hot stone massage in Vila Manja Ampang. Yahoooooooo!

 Me with the chef. Chef Rohani.

Such a good day that day. We left with full lot of information and a bag full of goodies including the apron & the rubber gloves. Just what i need to start my cooking venture myself ;)

When i went home i straightly went online to Zespri's website and read all the infos and recipes that they provide there. 

I am now full with determination and spirit to eat healthy, eat more fruits especially kiwi and have a balance diet. Not just for my physical appearance, but also for my health.

Now can i say a kiwi a day keeps the doctor away?


Thursday, July 18, 2013



Yesterday & today i did some spring cleaning and look what i found!

My ring box for each occasion. Merisik is on the right, engagement is on the left and my solemnization is at the center. After dah jmpe ralit plak membelek each box and tkenang-kenang sekejap huhu. Each box ade memory and meaning nya tsendiri.

Anyways, dah alang mengemas tjmpe la banyak barang2 yang masih elok tp x pakai. so rugi plak rasa. jadiknya, suke sgt la saya ingin bkongsi barang2 itu dengan anda. xdelah banyak pon tapi adela sket. daripada buang sbb x pakai baik bagi kt org yg confirm nak pakai kan???


Barang pertama:

Set penjagaan badan BODYSHOP (TAKEN)

Caption sume blh tgk dlm gambar tu. Ade Bath and Shower Gel (250ml), EDT (50ml), Body Mist (100ml) and Body Butter (200ml). Ade yg mmg x pakai langsung and ade yg maybe try pakai sekali jek.

Barang kedua:

VICTORIA SECRET Body Mist (Lavender 50ml). ade la try sekali due (TAKEN)

Barang ketiga:

ATTIVA Curl Energizer Lotion (220ml). Sape2 yg baru buat rambut digital perm ke, x digital ke, produk ini ssuai untuk anda. I bought it masa perm rambut a few months ago tp x pakai sbb salon tu service x best and end up x pernah pakai pun lotion rambut ni so masih penuh lg. Cerita pasal time buat rambut boleh baca disini.

Close up image

Kos Pos Laju =RM5

Barang keempat:

Body Lotion (30ml) and Travel EDT (5ml rasenye sbb x tulis) from DAISY, MARC JACOBS.

pun x pernah pakai. kcuali travel EDT tu ade pnh try sekali dua.

Kos Pos Laju =RM5

Barang kelima:

SARAH PEYTON HOME Jewel Tone Candle Set

Ada 5 mini glass with candle inside.

For this item mcm x dapek le nk pos sbb berat,x bbabloi plak korang nk byr wang posnya. Actually i dont mind cume takut u all rase x bbaloi nk byr kosnya. so i think if u can pick up is better. Sape bminat blh contact me and we can work something out. Kalau dpt pick up i bg free saje. :)

Barang keenam:

BODYSHOP Intimate Set + Notebook from MOLESKIN. Set ini ada Shower Gel (200ml), Lavender Fragrant Oil (15ml), Loofah, ehem ehem DUREX Intimate Lube & ehem ehem Condome (2 kotak) sekali ngn bakul die.  

Yg ni pun berat tp x seberat set lilin tu so kalau nk pos rasenye boleh and kos i simply letak RM20 la sbb besar gak packaging die.

Barang ketujuh:(TAKEN)

ANYA HINDMARCH notebook. Selalu jugak dpt buku ni dari AH Malaysia. Thanks bebanyak. smpai ade yg x tguna. Ni tinggal satu je.

Kos Pos Laju =RM5

For this give away mmg nk bg free cume:

each item ade kos pos laju. sila rujuk for each item i ade letakkan disitu (for Peninsular saje ye. kalau Sabah Sarawak kene kire lain :) )

Each reader entitle satu set saja yee.. kasi can yg lain jugak hehe.

So sape2 yg mahu just komen di ruangan komen atau emel to ( dgn detail berikut:

Nama penuh:
No Tel:
Barang yg dimahukan:
and buat pembayaran pos laju ke acc yang akan diberi nanti.

first come first serve basis yaa.

So thats all dearies!!! 


Friday, July 12, 2013

Christmas In Paris? not going. eventho i really hope soo ;)

This post is just for information purposes only. If anybody is thinking/planning to go for Euro trip and looking for a bargain ticket price, this is good news!

while browsing for leisure (like i always do! hihihi) i found such an unbeatable price airfares from KUL - CDG (Paris). check the table below. This is from Saudi Arabia Airline.

Its on Christmas time baybeeeeeee! Not only u can experience Boxing Day, but also Christmas and New Year!

The lowest price according to the table above is USD615 which in RM is around RM1940. that is freaking cheapppp hokehhhhhhh! kalah harga MATTA fair.

ok ok itu saje nk kongsi. semoga bermanfaat