Friday, May 03, 2013

Nurita Harith Lebaran 2013 - Lookbook

Waahhh dah nk kluar koleksi raya dah ke?

ohh maiiii..x le nk excited sgt. Puasa pn blm abis ganti lg (ehem ehem)

Browse punye browse i remembered Ms Alia told me about Nurita Harith's collection for raya 2013.

Ok..without further adue.. Let's!

My personal fabourite! (sedikit similarity ngn past collection if im not mistaken.white top with floral skirt)

photos credit to Nurita Harith's FB

Design NH ni i noticed simple je. Sweet2 gitew. Nampaknye design short top & peplum masih lg hot yeee..

I emailed her team and workmanship starts from RM950.00.

So kalau bminat silalah email mereka di