Wednesday, May 01, 2013

JLuxe & Demi Couture by Jovian Mandagie

It's back. The Jovanista fever is back!

Okay i know im a bit left behind hehehe. but it's ok. because this year, not gonna buy them. You know, its the cutting issue thingy.

Almost all of the collections carry the same range whereby only color & material are different.

Ohh and this time ade addition Demi Couture collection.

So, let's!

The Jewel

The Jova 

The Jules

The Janella

The Jachynta 

The Jovve

The Jheryl

And now it's the Demi Couture collection!to be honest im quite impressed.

From left Lauryna, Lasabrina, & Lauraine

From left Layla, Lenara & Lagiena

 all photos credit to Jovian's website.

 For hijabista fret not because Demi Couture collection ni blh customade sleeves either short sleeve, 3/4 sleeve or long sleeve.

Ohhh tgk lama2 mcm gugur jugak iman ni nk cekup satu, lagi2 si Demi nih..ohhhhh

Xpe2..nnti ramai Jovanista dpt baju masti ade yg jual blk harga murah..mcm i dulu! hihihi



Airin Diana Anuar said...

hi dear

im also in love with the Demi!! :)