Thursday, May 16, 2013

Devdas Nyerrr

This is just for fun hokay..

I was browsing the youtube and suddenly came across one of Devdas video clip. Its the song "Silsila Ye Chaahat Ka". i have to admit i really like the song and the choreography. grand sgtttt

But x sangka plak ada yang buat Malaysian version. "heroinnya" ialah local singer Syazliana, kenal x? die ni xdela femes sgt tp ade la satu masa dulu naik sket nama die.

The video below is the original video clip from Devdas

and next is the video made locally.

i have to say kudos to the cinematography or whatsover the terms that they use,lighting props sume cantik..not bad. tapi....

kenapa kaku sgt cik kak oii... bukanla nk compare ngn video asal tp a tleast muka tu tunjukla expression sket.

i used to be a dancer too representing my college and xdela pro sgt menari ni tp bab2 expression 

muka sgt penting ok.baru "hidup" sket tarian tu.

 just selingan di hari Khamis. :)