Wednesday, April 24, 2013

New Designer Fuzana Mokhtaza

My BFF just showed this to me.

Never heard of her before. but the fact she has her online boutique of her ready made collection caught my attention.(tp bile nk beli bnyk plak out of stock huhu)

Graduated from UIA in Architecture who knows she also has talent to design beautiful dresses.

Design die simple harga mmg sgt berbaloi baloi.

among collection die:

price sume mcm x lebih rm300 huhu..sorry gamba x clear sgt i curik dr website die here

she also amik tempahan utk bridal youallsss.

pics from here

for those bride 2 be..sila silalah jenguk ke website die ni..who knows if she can design your dream wedding dress? since die ni br lg msti price x mahal ..(not yet la kan) hehehe)

bfore i end this nak share one baju from Innaired yg soooooo cantikk!

pic from here

mode berangan jap: rasenye kalau aku pakai mcm bride paling cantik sekalilahhh hahahah

sekadar selingan hehehehe..

Innaired dh nak keluarkan their Bridal 2013 x lama lg nih..marilah kite tgk..but last year pnye collection pn starts from 2k..this year i bet mstila naik lagi kalau ade duit ape salahnyee