Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Happy Birthday Mama!

Last week we had our family gathering to celebrate my mom's birthday!

Trust me the decision to where to eat was not easy hokehh. We came up with not less than 10 places that fill the criteria which are reasonably priced, location & food wise.

Ben's, Fullhouse, Italiannies, TGI Friday, Chillies, Rebung, Wondermilk, are among them. But finally we settled for this! (all pics are from my sis's blog)

Serai @ Life Centre

So happy cos me sempat order this rainbow cake from Wondermilk. It's called LOLA Cakes. For those yg dah biase ngn WM msti tau dah.

Rating utk cake. Ok mmg sdap kek itu..lembut, wangi, gebu, cantik cume manis tlebih sket. one funny thing happened..u see i bought this numerical candle to symbolize my mom's age on the cake. she's turning 57 so i bought number "5" and "7" la kan. when the restaurant staff took the cake out for us so sing Happy Birthday rupeye die main tibai je letak jadi "75". haiyooo malu my mom hokayyy..

Notice muke my nephew yg monyok itewww..huhuuhuhu

I had Nasi Goreng Kampung. My hubby had Rendang Penne. The opthers had Salmon something2, Spaghetti Carbonara, Nasi Kerabu, Salmon Spaghetti, and some i cant remember.

Rating utk Serai food. Acceptable la. But my hubby didnt like his Rendang Penne tho. service tip top.ambience cantik dan ekslusif. harga mmg up sketla..nasi goreng dlm rm15.90 cmtu.. other food dlm rm20++.. overall i give 3.0 out 5

All 10 of us.

Wokeyy thats all for now peeps..