Wednesday, April 24, 2013

New Designer Fuzana Mokhtaza

My BFF just showed this to me.

Never heard of her before. but the fact she has her online boutique of her ready made collection caught my attention.(tp bile nk beli bnyk plak out of stock huhu)

Graduated from UIA in Architecture who knows she also has talent to design beautiful dresses.

Design die simple harga mmg sgt berbaloi baloi.

among collection die:

price sume mcm x lebih rm300 huhu..sorry gamba x clear sgt i curik dr website die here

she also amik tempahan utk bridal youallsss.

pics from here

for those bride 2 be..sila silalah jenguk ke website die ni..who knows if she can design your dream wedding dress? since die ni br lg msti price x mahal ..(not yet la kan) hehehe)

bfore i end this nak share one baju from Innaired yg soooooo cantikk!

pic from here

mode berangan jap: rasenye kalau aku pakai mcm bride paling cantik sekalilahhh hahahah

sekadar selingan hehehehe..

Innaired dh nak keluarkan their Bridal 2013 x lama lg nih..marilah kite tgk..but last year pnye collection pn starts from 2k..this year i bet mstila naik lagi kalau ade duit ape salahnyee


Thursday, April 18, 2013

Boracay & Manila Trip (Part 2)

Haiyooo xtau ape nk update utk entry ni,,bnyk dh lupe.

Blh x nak main tepek je gamba2..hihi..siyes malassss

This is the 2nd day..still in Boracay..aktiviti hanya disekitar bandar Boracay tgk2 town, tgk2 tempat makan..tgk2 pantai..beli2 brg sket.


Ade certain2 kedai kt sini mmg die buat fancy2 cmni. siyes comellll

and petang tu after lunch we took this island hopping tour. that cost around RM50 seorang.

Time makan ni mcm ala-ala kene tipu sketla..this guy yg bw us nk bhenti kt this pulau called Puka Beach means "Shell beach" sbb bnyk gile jual hasil kraftangan berunsurkan kerang, mutiara dan hasil lautla..harga murahhh sgt2.

he asked us whether kami nk singgah makan x. we knew susah nk cr tmpat halal but we guessed nk tgk2 aje. bile dh smpai tempat makan rupenye org tu mcm2 paksa je suh duduk and makan. we asked if they serve pork sbb kalau x kami blh order seafood aje. they said no. so after we finished ordering and saje belek2 menu lg rupenye kt belakang menu tu ade serve pork rupnye. bile kami tnye dorang mati2 nafi kata dorang x serve pork. since language is a bit problem kami malas nk buat scene kt situ.

time makanan sampai kami mkn ala kadar jela sbb dah lapooo. we ordered udang, sotong and ikan. mintak halal jela..tawakal.

after makan kami pg shopping souvenir..

Time malam plak apa bikin??suke gile tgk area pantai yg dah btukar jadi meriah..macam2 ada..

Nasib baik hotel dekat je ngn area pantai so mmg blh ulang alik dr hotel ke kawasan pantai.

kami nk cari tempat makanan halal. thru the internet we knew about this one place called "Dtalipapa". reviews said it is kinda market yg jual seafood. style dorang mcm beli stok basah kt pasar and pg mane2 restaurant and suh dorang masak.

we tried to locate this dtalipapa but was sooo hard. bile tnye2 locals they were wilingly to bring us but at the end rupenye mintak duit thing here mmg kne prepare bnyk duit kopi sbb dorang rajin mintak tips. sume bende perlukan duit kopi/tips.

bile dah smpai dekat dtalipapa nk cari kedai tu plak susah gile. cari pnye cari nasib baik jmpe this one muslim girl and she showed us the kedai (luckily she didnt ask for tip tho) . the number was right tp it turned out that kedai makan tu terletak dekat DALAM kedai jual baju. who would have thought kan??

and bile masuk kt dalam rupenye kecik ajeee kedai tu..macam saiz bilik tido je..and dah penuh org mkn kt dalam..

terus x jd. last2 makan bekalan makanan segera Brahim's jelaa..

What was i doing??? ehhe ni pg urut kaki skjap dlm 30 minit.. kene dalam rm200-300 pesos kalau x silap..dalam rm20++ cmtula. ok mase ni kaki mmg rase lenguh nak mati and urut pun sedappppp

hokayy  sambung lg next time..


Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Happy Birthday Mama!

Last week we had our family gathering to celebrate my mom's birthday!

Trust me the decision to where to eat was not easy hokehh. We came up with not less than 10 places that fill the criteria which are reasonably priced, location & food wise.

Ben's, Fullhouse, Italiannies, TGI Friday, Chillies, Rebung, Wondermilk, are among them. But finally we settled for this! (all pics are from my sis's blog)

Serai @ Life Centre

So happy cos me sempat order this rainbow cake from Wondermilk. It's called LOLA Cakes. For those yg dah biase ngn WM msti tau dah.

Rating utk cake. Ok mmg sdap kek itu..lembut, wangi, gebu, cantik cume manis tlebih sket. one funny thing happened..u see i bought this numerical candle to symbolize my mom's age on the cake. she's turning 57 so i bought number "5" and "7" la kan. when the restaurant staff took the cake out for us so sing Happy Birthday rupeye die main tibai je letak jadi "75". haiyooo malu my mom hokayyy..

Notice muke my nephew yg monyok itewww..huhuuhuhu

I had Nasi Goreng Kampung. My hubby had Rendang Penne. The opthers had Salmon something2, Spaghetti Carbonara, Nasi Kerabu, Salmon Spaghetti, and some i cant remember.

Rating utk Serai food. Acceptable la. But my hubby didnt like his Rendang Penne tho. service tip top.ambience cantik dan ekslusif. harga mmg up sketla..nasi goreng dlm rm15.90 cmtu.. other food dlm rm20++.. overall i give 3.0 out 5

All 10 of us.

Wokeyy thats all for now peeps..


Wednesday, April 10, 2013

We Love, Sustaining Passions Workshop

*This is a long due post.

6 months ago i asked myself if i was granted a wish definitely i would have wished for a getaway...

And i couldn't thank Tammy enough for advertising this campaign in her blog.

me and hub were one of  the 4 lucky couples to be selected for this all-expense paid workshop called "We Love, Sustaining Passions" in Pulau Tioman.

Sounds good??it is to me! Not only the workshop is having the famous Mr. Paul Jambunathan (Tammy & I called him the love doctor) as a speaker but we will have a fun-filled activity together plus a free vacation!

What is this workshop is all about?

-Among the topics discussed were the importance of keeping the physical intimacy going, correct way to

explain sex education for teenagers, challenges & problems faced by many Malaysian couples such as ED (Erectile Dysfunction), lack of communication and some wonderful tips to ponder about.

We boarded around noon time with Berjaya Air.. Seriously i never knew there is a direct flight to Tioman!

Hub was a bit tired ..its ok are not gonna regret this...

What they served in the plane: bread and peanuts..ooh and also mineral water..not bad.

Reaching the island...what a beautiful view...

A small plane that can accommodate around 50 passengers.

It was Friday so my hub went straight to the mosque for his Friday prayer..i was left husbandless huhu..

The rest of us were brought to the hotel and checked-in by the lovely Miss Melissa as our coordinator.

Where were we staying??? Berjaya Resort bebehhh....loving every inch of its surrounding and landscape.

Thank god i had the Berjaya staff to help me with the luggage since my hub has not arrived yet.

But once i open the door to our Deluxe Chalet i forgot about him already..


such a lovely surprise...

Felt like i was in our honeymoon again.

Want to know what's in the box?..hehehe..secret secret


Lunch was great and then we started our first activity..we never stopped laughing during the seminar. Mr. Paul was so funny and informative at the same time he managed to keep us focus for the entire session.

There were more exciting plan the organizer had for us for night session..a romantic dinner..

Notice the love-shape flower? These guys were so sweet..u know how i love flowers that i was thinking to put them in my bag and spread them in my room hahaha..

Add caption

One for me..

one for him..

But the 5-course dinner made me full like a ...errrr...phyton..

Starter -deep fried potato and shrimp

Appetizer - shrimp salad

Soup - Creamy Green Apple Soup

Main Course - I forgot the name but it was a chicken + gravy with a lot of mash potato. By this time i was already full..

Hub had beef something something..he really liked it..

Desert - Tiramisu + Ice cream + Chocolate Mousse..oohh by now i felt like tapau-ing already..but these babies were gooooood.

We rarely had romantic dinner back in KL so we took this chance to be as romantic as possible.. (kasi can laa haha)

Back in the room after the dinner we were surprised (again) by this chocolate this their attempt to get us sugar-rush and do crazy things?hahahaha

 That one day was filled with laughter, love and joy.

Next day was even better. Breakfast-in-bed!

I pre-choose the menu the day before. I had american breakfast and hub had chinese fish congee..

Felt like sleeping back after the lovely breakfast but we decided to go out and had some fresh air..we were in an island remember??

Our chalet was located just in front of the beach and it was only a walking distance to go and lie under the gazebo. The rain has stopped and weather is sunny and bright..perfect.


 The second day we were playing with the sand..

That lasted until lunch time and after lunch we had another session of talk. Another interesting topic covered by Mr. Paul Jambunathan and we never failed to laugh until my jaw hurts.

Before we went back to our chalet, we caught this gorgeous sunset and jumped at the chance capturing it!

It's dinner-in-bed time!

Starter-bread with butter
Appetizer: salad
Soup-creamy green apple soup
Main course-i had chicken and hub had fish
Desert-Chocolate cake with vanilla sauce

I had my first eating-dinner-in-a-robe experience.

The next day which is the last day..if only i can have this treatment everyday..hihihi

My malay throat already asking for spicy i opted for nasi lemak and i love it! The sambal was as hot as how i like it...

my hub who has already forgot he is Malay still have his american breakfast ; )

Feeling beachy-yyy..with the hat...forgot to bring extra dress to compliments the location huhuhu..

Had our last session before we check-out from the hotel..and said good byes to the organizers, the other participants, the speaker and not forgetting the media.

Us at the check-outs

Flown back to KL..: (

In my opinion, this workshop has been successful in reaching its was filled with information  laughter, fun-filled activities, perfect location, and actually me and hub were very surprised on how open we can be, to talk about this issue. 

In some of the activities, we were asked to write and express how we actually feel about each other..what do we love in our partner and our vow and promise to our future. i have to admit it was hard to do especially in front of other people. but those things did remind us how deeply in love we used to be and how we should keep the feeling strong and going. i can feel the bond is stronger than ever before.

This type of workshop should be held more often as an eye-opener, to create awareness and give valuable education to people how marriage can be stronger if we know the right way to do it.

Thanks to the organizer for realizing this and do their best to make sure this workshop is a success.

Ohh man, sponsored vacation never felt this good.

*Crossing my finger should there be another opportunity like this hehehehe