Monday, March 25, 2013

Im On Keek!

Yeaahhhhhh another new thing on the net. New to me at least.

Its called Keek.

First i have no idea what is it so been doing some asking and basically its just a short video that u are able to post on your Keek wall. around 30 seconds i think. So instead of posting ayat2 or status..kali ni blh pakai video gitewwww. lagi "live".

So something like mini Youtube laaaaa kot.

Actually to be honest i have been wanting to do a video of myself. its kinda like i challenge myself whether im able to do that or not. but sampai sudah x kemana pown.

So when my fren Alia said she also wanted to do the same and started with Keek, it kinda gave me the idea.sorry babe curi idea mung!huhuhu

So there u go. my very first video. theres a lot of pausing and "errr ehmmmm emm" hehe of cos im still new.
It took me around 7 videos to get it right.

Why i join this?hmmmm saje.

dont know how long this will last but i do hope that i can share my life and activity with the people i love.

well,if anyone keen to follow me just search "dalilamian".

till then. ADIOS