Tuesday, March 05, 2013

Express Dress

Just to update what i wore to a friend's wedding (she's actually a daughter of my mum's friend also..fuhh)

i figured i'd go since my mother and hers got closer when we crashed their house in London back when we were on our Euro trip in 2011.

I didnt realize the date is approaching and 2 days bfore the event only i realized i had nothing to wear to her wedding. So. I turned to my bestie and angkut her to accompany me to buy some kain secara express cause i got only 1 day to turn that into something wearable.

Thanks to my dear tailor she was able to make me a simple kaftan.fuhhh problem solved. i really loved it and some more the material is super soft and cool-type.

During her nikah.

During her reception held at FRIM. oh by the way this dress is from POPLOOK.

That's how i spent my last weekend.. may she has her happy life with her beloved husband..yeayyyyy