Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Entering My 3-Series

Salam all,

im officially 30 last week. (7th to be exact).

how i feel about it? honestly i dont know. but i realized im not getting younger (duhhhh) anymore.

so this year's birthday must really mean something as im no more in my 20's. sob sobb

this year my birthday is celebrated in a very simple way. actually getting all the wishes is already overwhelming for me (eventho i know the fact they are aware bcos of Facebook notification :) )

on the eve of my birthday nite, hubby just took me out for a dinner and one thing special was the surprise cake he got for me (he never did it before)

tq dear hubby..even without the cake i will still love u :)

the next 2 nights, my bestie invited me out for a sushi night out. at Sushi Zanmai!


Its the first time i tried the sushi there. And I LOVE IT! yeahh better than Sushi King. Each time we took a bite i think people kept looking at us for doing that "OMG, this is GOOD, so TENDERRR. I LOVE THIS" thingy. hehehehe

There they 1st as a 30-an. hahahaha

Oh man..i feel i have achieve nothing in my life. ohhhh.sometimes when emo times come, i hate myself for not being able to achieve anything yet and now before i know it, im already 30... :(

Oh except for being married to the man i love :) and some extra kilos too :p

And not forgetting i also make a do'a for my parents to stay healthy (& wealthier :p), my family to be safe & well, my husband and me to stay in love until Jannah and all frens & Islam relative to be in peace and prosperity.