Thursday, March 28, 2013

Birthday Girl Celebration at Picknik

Its time to return the favor.

Last week, she said something about wanting to try out the new Picknik Restaurant owned by the Masterchef celebrity Nik Michael Imran (hotstuff hehehe).

So that kinda gave me an idea where to bring her bcos seriously i was blurrr.

Yeah at first we went all around trying to find the place but finally jumpe jugak!

We ordered their famous stracciatella. Its like an egg soup with bread crouton & parsley.

Caesar salad with beef bacon

My main course, Salmone Alla something something hahaha

Alia's main course, Aglio Olio spagethi with shrimp

We didnt get any dessert since i already bought a cake for birthday girl!

With her cake i got from Wondermilk. LOLA cake!

Not to be missed, a shoot with the owner, Chef Nik Michael Imran

Ok im gonna give my honest opinion here. The food i can rate 6/10. still a lot to improve. The soup is a bit cair, rasa macam sup maggi plak. The Caesar salad .was ok ok lah, the dressing not ummphh enough.

For both of our spaghetti, not really bad actually. Its just that we can safely say we have tasted better somewhere else. But so far the service was good, very friendly waiter. :)

Price wise, standard mcm DOME gitula.. spagethi sume around 25++ ke atas.

Ape pun, im proud he can finally has his owned restaurant. Hope he will improve yeahhh

Ohhh and Happy Belated Birthday me dear friend. This year will be your last as a single lad hehehe. Hope that you have a great year ahead. Love u muahhsss.

So that's it peeps.