Thursday, March 28, 2013

Birthday Girl Celebration at Picknik

Its time to return the favor.

Last week, she said something about wanting to try out the new Picknik Restaurant owned by the Masterchef celebrity Nik Michael Imran (hotstuff hehehe).

So that kinda gave me an idea where to bring her bcos seriously i was blurrr.

Yeah at first we went all around trying to find the place but finally jumpe jugak!

We ordered their famous stracciatella. Its like an egg soup with bread crouton & parsley.

Caesar salad with beef bacon

My main course, Salmone Alla something something hahaha

Alia's main course, Aglio Olio spagethi with shrimp

We didnt get any dessert since i already bought a cake for birthday girl!

With her cake i got from Wondermilk. LOLA cake!

Not to be missed, a shoot with the owner, Chef Nik Michael Imran

Ok im gonna give my honest opinion here. The food i can rate 6/10. still a lot to improve. The soup is a bit cair, rasa macam sup maggi plak. The Caesar salad .was ok ok lah, the dressing not ummphh enough.

For both of our spaghetti, not really bad actually. Its just that we can safely say we have tasted better somewhere else. But so far the service was good, very friendly waiter. :)

Price wise, standard mcm DOME gitula.. spagethi sume around 25++ ke atas.

Ape pun, im proud he can finally has his owned restaurant. Hope he will improve yeahhh

Ohhh and Happy Belated Birthday me dear friend. This year will be your last as a single lad hehehe. Hope that you have a great year ahead. Love u muahhsss.

So that's it peeps.


Monday, March 25, 2013

Im On Keek!

Yeaahhhhhh another new thing on the net. New to me at least.

Its called Keek.

First i have no idea what is it so been doing some asking and basically its just a short video that u are able to post on your Keek wall. around 30 seconds i think. So instead of posting ayat2 or status..kali ni blh pakai video gitewwww. lagi "live".

So something like mini Youtube laaaaa kot.

Actually to be honest i have been wanting to do a video of myself. its kinda like i challenge myself whether im able to do that or not. but sampai sudah x kemana pown.

So when my fren Alia said she also wanted to do the same and started with Keek, it kinda gave me the idea.sorry babe curi idea mung!huhuhu

So there u go. my very first video. theres a lot of pausing and "errr ehmmmm emm" hehe of cos im still new.
It took me around 7 videos to get it right.

Why i join this?hmmmm saje.

dont know how long this will last but i do hope that i can share my life and activity with the people i love.

well,if anyone keen to follow me just search "dalilamian".

till then. ADIOS


Sunday, March 24, 2013



sumpah malas gile nak menulis. Lately dont feel like writing anything at all.

please ooo please..i still owe u guys my Manila trip.waaaaa

cik hasben plak dah pandai kerap main game dota nye kt luar bersama kawan baiknyeerr..

and im still waiting for the good news. not pregnant :)

its the other good news.

Semoga ape pun akan dipermudahkan Tuhan kerana segala yang berlaku adalah di atas ketentuan-Nya.

i reeeeeeeaalllllly need to find something to do or else i'll be dead bored to the max.

Anyways, hope u guys have a good week ahead.


Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Entering My 3-Series

Salam all,

im officially 30 last week. (7th to be exact).

how i feel about it? honestly i dont know. but i realized im not getting younger (duhhhh) anymore.

so this year's birthday must really mean something as im no more in my 20's. sob sobb

this year my birthday is celebrated in a very simple way. actually getting all the wishes is already overwhelming for me (eventho i know the fact they are aware bcos of Facebook notification :) )

on the eve of my birthday nite, hubby just took me out for a dinner and one thing special was the surprise cake he got for me (he never did it before)

tq dear hubby..even without the cake i will still love u :)

the next 2 nights, my bestie invited me out for a sushi night out. at Sushi Zanmai!


Its the first time i tried the sushi there. And I LOVE IT! yeahh better than Sushi King. Each time we took a bite i think people kept looking at us for doing that "OMG, this is GOOD, so TENDERRR. I LOVE THIS" thingy. hehehehe

There they 1st as a 30-an. hahahaha

Oh man..i feel i have achieve nothing in my life. ohhhh.sometimes when emo times come, i hate myself for not being able to achieve anything yet and now before i know it, im already 30... :(

Oh except for being married to the man i love :) and some extra kilos too :p

And not forgetting i also make a do'a for my parents to stay healthy (& wealthier :p), my family to be safe & well, my husband and me to stay in love until Jannah and all frens & Islam relative to be in peace and prosperity.


Tuesday, March 05, 2013

Express Dress

Just to update what i wore to a friend's wedding (she's actually a daughter of my mum's friend also..fuhh)

i figured i'd go since my mother and hers got closer when we crashed their house in London back when we were on our Euro trip in 2011.

I didnt realize the date is approaching and 2 days bfore the event only i realized i had nothing to wear to her wedding. So. I turned to my bestie and angkut her to accompany me to buy some kain secara express cause i got only 1 day to turn that into something wearable.

Thanks to my dear tailor she was able to make me a simple kaftan.fuhhh problem solved. i really loved it and some more the material is super soft and cool-type.

During her nikah.

During her reception held at FRIM. oh by the way this dress is from POPLOOK.

That's how i spent my last weekend.. may she has her happy life with her beloved husband..yeayyyyy