Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Boracay & Manila Trip (Part 1)

this time i told myself i really got to finish my Philippine trip. Its just a short trip anyway.

Keep on procrastinating is no good Dila.

But im gonna keep it short tho.but as informational as impossible.

The ticket was bought waayyy monthsss before so it cost like RM118++ return. yeah i knoww cheap rite?so rajin2 la check Airasia pnye website for current promotion. I went with my mum, my younger sis and her husband.

The current exchange to RM is around RM1 =  13 PHP (Philippine pesos). As usual kalau tukar banyak try not to change at the airport instead tukarla kat masjid india. 

So we departed at 6.45am and we got there so early so just wasting time at the McD.

I had fried rice with chicken satay but surprisingly it didnt taste good. not like my previous trip.hmmmm

After almost 4 hours of journey we reach the Clark airport atau nama lain Diosdado Macapagal International Airport.

So here's the long journey begins. we decided to go to Boracay Island as our first stop. So from Clark airport we took another local flight to Kalibo airport. And for that we have to wait another 3 hours at the airport to board. 

This time via Tiger Airways.

1 hour journey to Kalibo airport and from there we have to take 2 hours van journey to Caticlan Jetty Port.

That was one of the longest and worst journey i ever had. The driver drove so fast and the road was bengkang bengkok as we passed some village. The fact that they drive on the left side did not help either.

See there tricycle?that's a very common transportation here.

Felt so relieved once they arrived at the Caticlan Jetty. Here u're not only paying for the ferry fare but also terminal fee (150 PHP or RM11.50) and environmental fee (75 PHP or around RM6). These fares need to be paid separately tau. jenuhla beratur panjang kt each kaunter.

Getting to the ferry. Before that siap ade cek luggage bagai..mcm kat airport plak.

The ferry took around 20 minutes to get to Cagban Port. Mabuk lauk dah start time ni..pening2 sudaaaa.

Haaaa tp x abis lg nih. smpai jetty tu nk menyampai ke hotel mmg kene naik tricycle sbb hotel agak jauh. 

Us on the tricycle. mcm nk melambung makk noookkk. Kos around 120PHP pastu kne bg tips lg 100 PHP.

Boracay island ni terbahagi kepada 3 station. Station 1, station 2 & station 3. Our hotel is located at Station 2..x terlalu dekat or x tlalu jauh sbb kalau nk dekat tu mahaii..kang jauh sgt plak ngn town susah nk bgerak.

After tricycle kene plak jalan kaki 10 minit masuk ke dalam sket nk ke hotel..fuhhh amacam?adventure x our journey?hahahah

Finally. Our bed.


 Basically route die cmni:

4 hours international flight + 3 hours waiting + 1 hour domestic flight + 2 hours by van + 20 minutes by ferry + 10 minutes tricycle

Start the journey at 6.45am and sampai hotel around 7pm.

Mmg sampai hotel je terus pengsan.

To be continued in part 2 (okay..fail to finish in 1 entry)


Monday, February 11, 2013

Inspired la Sangat

Macam dah serik nk beli baju ala2 inspired ni. ku sangka cantik tp ternyata indah khabar dari rupe.

not gonna dwell so long about it. tgk je la gamba kt bwh:

The one yg die letak kt FB:

Nampak materialnye cam tebal je kan.

This is what i got

I put the receiver address using my fren's so she got to see the item first. Felt so frustrated when she said the material look so cheap and its so licin like so not quality like that.

meanwhile my fren punye:

dapatnye kaler cmni:

siap ade flaw lg stitching die.

time nk mintak refund mmg agak susah la sbb kononnye die dh letak T&C kt page die yg die x btanggungjawap dengan item yg akan diterima. fuhh kalau cmni susahlaaa.baik xyah berniaga cmtu.

in the end i can only get a refund for the salmon color blazer cos yg tu obvious kaler lari jauh. Yg mint green tu xdpt refund sbb if material x sama dgn gamba die x btanggungjawap. pfftt whatev


Friday, February 08, 2013


Sorry for the long pause.huhu

Was so tired and exhausted from my short trip and got no time to blog.

Ohh for those who dont know i just came back from The Philippines.

Hows the trip??hmm ill tell later.

But for now here's a pic of me at Boracay Island. Quite a nice and beautiful beach.