Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Interview For GlamWeddings at Rizalman's Boutique

Yapp. that's what the fuss is all about last few weeks.

Couldn't believe my ears when one of their staff called and invited me. it was for their event executive.

i remembered when i applied i wasn't even expected to be invited for an interview since i know there could be hundreds of maybe thousand of candidates applying.

so the first question was, WHAT TO WEAR? i didnt want to look to corporate since its an event post. but didn't want to look too casual or selekeh at the same time. or looked like i'm trying too hard. hahahha so much in my head.

so after much deliberation, this was the look that day. i never really tried casual blazer before but this time i'm trying to pull it off and i guess it looked okaylah.

So here u go. felt nervous u can't imagine.

Rizalman was not one of the panel who interviewed me. I felt relieved at the same time hahaha. There were Lily and Faizul (which i know from Rizalman's blog). When i quickly mentioned his name first he was quite surprised and when i told him i'm an avid reader of Rizalman's blog he seemed more surprised. not sure why.

The interview went quite well. Lily was very friendly and soft and did most of the talking and Faizul more on observing the interview. The post was more into planning and handling an event especially wedding for GlamWeddings. I was made to know about the new Rizalman's ballroom called MERCU that will be launched somehere at the end of this year/ early next year. This new hall/ballroom can be used for weddings,corporate events and such. Hearing that i can already pictured Rizalman's touch and i'm very sure its gonna be exclusive and elegant bebeh.

We discussed even on the salary part which i believe was the main issue. but im not gonna dwell on it that much. i believe there were looking for someone who has experience in event, can commit 100% to their job and can negotiate more on the salary part. as for me who is already married (who has to prioritized my husband first), not so much experience in event organizing and my salary has reached certain level that i was not able to tolerate that much. probably the main issue.

but i had a great time there. being in the boutique itself was a unforgettable experience. and being among the final candidates to be interviewed is such an honor. Rizalman's empire is expanding and i dare to say is becoming an icon in our fashion industry. When they now venture into events especially weddings, i know his touch is different from the others. that's what i think about Haji Rizalman.

So that was it. A great experience tho. Really happy that i can share it with you all.

Til then.....XOXO


love for life said...

good luck dila

DalilaMian said...

loveforlife: thanks dear..but i guess not my rezeki heheh

Renee Meow said...

waaoww bestnyaaa kalau u betul dpt work with Rizalman..! :) huwa y GlamWedding and MERCU xde lagi time i dulu??huhuuuuuu~

DalilaMian said...

Renee: haha.tu la kalau dpt tu I rase blg bankrup rizalman sume org I bg diskaun. ;)