Wednesday, January 09, 2013

Fire & Stock Up

Last week there was a fire at my lobby area. around 11.30 pm we almost went to sleep when i smelt something fishy.

I went to the kitchen and it was not long after that i saw smoke coming in to our house.

for a while i panicked!!never encountered this situation the same i could hear my neighbors all screaming asking who's house in on fire. more smoke coming in and i suffocated already. we woke my hubby's aunt quickly, changed our clothes and went down the stairs like everybody else. 14 th floor!!

with a sleepy face and disastrous hair-do, i just followed the flow to the basement parking. everybody was asking what actually happened. i was too sleepy to even think of anything.

the only thing that caught my attention was this man with his cat up on his shoulder.

felt so touched to see he still thinks of his cat in this emergency situation.

Anyway, because of that incidents our elevators were no working. it's really really crazy since we're staying on the 14th floor!!! (yeaaa i repeat again)

so sad to see those old people from the 22nd or 23rd floor has to climb up and and down the stairs.

but the WORST case is some of these stupid people showed their unsatisfactory by stupidly dumping all their garbage everywhere. i mean it LITERALLY.EVERYWHERE!!

 i can see (8&^4##$%36@~@! each floor i went down the stairs. with all the smells and ulat-ulat coming out..yukkssssss

i just geleng my head each time i saw one. can't believe i'm living in a garbage. How Malaysian can be so dirty like that.

well, since we are not freely up and down anymore, hub has stock up quite a pile of munch stuff just in case we got hungry and too lazy to go out.

err, we have more in the fridge. fruits, juices, spreads, bread,milk,cereal and whatnot.

this is not a familiar scenery. we don't really have that much of food around often since we do eat out most of the time.

haihh but i admit going up and down has been kinda exercise and i bet i lose some kilos. huhu.

but no more. pleaseeeeee. may they fix it fast. :(