Friday, January 25, 2013

Items for rent/sale

Dear all!
I was so called the planner for my sil's solemnization.
So all the decoration was sort of my idea. U can refer the teaser in my last post for the pics.
However since now all the items bcome mine and i was thinking to sell/rent them. The items are:
1. Beautiful white colored lanterns- 20pcs of medium size & 2 pcs of long size (refer pic)
2. excellent quality of White coffee table  material chipboard L120cm x  W70cm x H35cm-17 pcs
For best price kindly email
First come first serve basis.
Hurry up girlss!!!!

long lantern

medium size lanterns + white coffee table

Medium size lanterns 20 pcs- SOLD
Long size lanterns 2 pcs-AVAILABLE
White coffee table  material chipboard L120cm x  W70cm x H35cm 17 pcs- 10 SOLD 7 AVAILABLE


Sunday, January 20, 2013

Teaser For My SIL 's Wedding

The solemnization


Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Interview For GlamWeddings at Rizalman's Boutique

Yapp. that's what the fuss is all about last few weeks.

Couldn't believe my ears when one of their staff called and invited me. it was for their event executive.

i remembered when i applied i wasn't even expected to be invited for an interview since i know there could be hundreds of maybe thousand of candidates applying.

so the first question was, WHAT TO WEAR? i didnt want to look to corporate since its an event post. but didn't want to look too casual or selekeh at the same time. or looked like i'm trying too hard. hahahha so much in my head.

so after much deliberation, this was the look that day. i never really tried casual blazer before but this time i'm trying to pull it off and i guess it looked okaylah.

So here u go. felt nervous u can't imagine.

Rizalman was not one of the panel who interviewed me. I felt relieved at the same time hahaha. There were Lily and Faizul (which i know from Rizalman's blog). When i quickly mentioned his name first he was quite surprised and when i told him i'm an avid reader of Rizalman's blog he seemed more surprised. not sure why.

The interview went quite well. Lily was very friendly and soft and did most of the talking and Faizul more on observing the interview. The post was more into planning and handling an event especially wedding for GlamWeddings. I was made to know about the new Rizalman's ballroom called MERCU that will be launched somehere at the end of this year/ early next year. This new hall/ballroom can be used for weddings,corporate events and such. Hearing that i can already pictured Rizalman's touch and i'm very sure its gonna be exclusive and elegant bebeh.

We discussed even on the salary part which i believe was the main issue. but im not gonna dwell on it that much. i believe there were looking for someone who has experience in event, can commit 100% to their job and can negotiate more on the salary part. as for me who is already married (who has to prioritized my husband first), not so much experience in event organizing and my salary has reached certain level that i was not able to tolerate that much. probably the main issue.

but i had a great time there. being in the boutique itself was a unforgettable experience. and being among the final candidates to be interviewed is such an honor. Rizalman's empire is expanding and i dare to say is becoming an icon in our fashion industry. When they now venture into events especially weddings, i know his touch is different from the others. that's what i think about Haji Rizalman.

So that was it. A great experience tho. Really happy that i can share it with you all.

Til then.....XOXO

Sunday, January 13, 2013


Lately i realized i threw tantrum easily. poor hubby. and my appetite is also very weird.

i can just be mad at no reason at all and tonight hubby had to come back late cos he is picking up his aunty.

and im waiting at home.hungry. so i made myself instant noodles.

my pimples too!!!its crazyyyyyy


Thursday, January 10, 2013

Pearl Affair

Hi lovellies.

Loving my look today. So subtle.
With pearl earring and necklace. Putting on zara top that I hv abandoned a long time ago.

Hair? Ok today its bad hair day. Dont bother to care


Wednesday, January 09, 2013

Fire & Stock Up

Last week there was a fire at my lobby area. around 11.30 pm we almost went to sleep when i smelt something fishy.

I went to the kitchen and it was not long after that i saw smoke coming in to our house.

for a while i panicked!!never encountered this situation the same i could hear my neighbors all screaming asking who's house in on fire. more smoke coming in and i suffocated already. we woke my hubby's aunt quickly, changed our clothes and went down the stairs like everybody else. 14 th floor!!

with a sleepy face and disastrous hair-do, i just followed the flow to the basement parking. everybody was asking what actually happened. i was too sleepy to even think of anything.

the only thing that caught my attention was this man with his cat up on his shoulder.

felt so touched to see he still thinks of his cat in this emergency situation.

Anyway, because of that incidents our elevators were no working. it's really really crazy since we're staying on the 14th floor!!! (yeaaa i repeat again)

so sad to see those old people from the 22nd or 23rd floor has to climb up and and down the stairs.

but the WORST case is some of these stupid people showed their unsatisfactory by stupidly dumping all their garbage everywhere. i mean it LITERALLY.EVERYWHERE!!

 i can see (8&^4##$%36@~@! each floor i went down the stairs. with all the smells and ulat-ulat coming out..yukkssssss

i just geleng my head each time i saw one. can't believe i'm living in a garbage. How Malaysian can be so dirty like that.

well, since we are not freely up and down anymore, hub has stock up quite a pile of munch stuff just in case we got hungry and too lazy to go out.

err, we have more in the fridge. fruits, juices, spreads, bread,milk,cereal and whatnot.

this is not a familiar scenery. we don't really have that much of food around often since we do eat out most of the time.

haihh but i admit going up and down has been kinda exercise and i bet i lose some kilos. huhu.

but no more. pleaseeeeee. may they fix it fast. :(


Thursday, January 03, 2013

Upside Down

Okay last night we watched this movie at e@curve. The poster kinda dragged us to the cinema. The idea seems different and interesting.

Well after almost 2 hours watching it, we felt the movie is a bit..hmm how to say...boring? We love the idea and the theme of the movie. But i think it doesn't reach the purpose.

in this movie, our planet is divided into 2 different where the people hidup senang and maju called Up Top. and the other one where the people hidup susah and macam lepas perang called Down Below. 

The people from Down Below mcm sort of diperah tenaga whereby mereka jual all the minyak in a cheap price to Up Top and sbg tukaran Up Top akan jual electricity dgn harga tinggi to Down Below.

Both world have different gravity force which resulting no one from either world can enter the other world. got me? 

kalau pegi jugak, that person will face a different gravity force and jd upside down lah. The only way to connect both world is through Transworld. Bangunan/office/ organisasi yg run the world. And it's actually a crime jugak to trespass to the other world or communicate without going through Transworld

Somehow these 2 youngster tjumpe and felt in love. The guy (Adam) from Down Below and the girl (Eden) from Up Top. Dari kecik smpai besar dok bjumpa senyap2 dekat puncak gunung. Part ni actually supposed to be interesting whereby kne pakai tali ikat dkat the Eden so that Adam can pull her down to his world. Tp scene tu nmpak cam bodoh sket. donno why.

One day ade polis try kjar and the girl jatuh trus lupe ingatan. yang lelaki kene tangkap, rumah dibakar dan makciknye (Aunt Becky) dibawa pergi. After 10 years he still tries to cari Eden until one day dalam TV die ternampak Eden bekerja di Transworld and Adam nekad nk pg cari kat situ. 

Adam actually is working on one formula to create krim anti penuaan wanita. One of the important ingredient is the pink bees that can bee found near the mountain where he used to date Eden. So with the formula he used it to penetrate and work at Transworld.

While working he was given certain substance from the Up Top yg blh digunakan untuk bawa dirinya ke dunia Up Top. Im not sure ape bende tuh but it seems like macam magnet. And knp die dpt bende tuh tu pun im not sure. Bile die letak banyak2 magnet tu kat badan those things can hold him from falling bile dkat dunia Up Top. With that he used it to find Eden tp bila dh jmpe Eden plak dah hilang ingatan. So it took him a awhile to make her remember. So Adam tpaksa la menyamar dpn Eden gune nama Bob.

Dalam ofis tu Adam makes friend with one guy (Bob)  from Up Top but  he got fired so Bob mmg berdendam ngn Transworld. After Adam bjmpe dgn Eden few times skali kantoi Adam masuk dunia Up Top. Adam lari dalam dunia Up Top and mintak perlindungan dari Bob. Adam also showed him the formula lebah pink yang actually fungsinye utk seimbangkan tarikan gravity both world so that he and Eden can be together  Then the police found him and warned him not to keep in touch with Eden and forced him to hand over all the ingredients of the krim anti penuaan tu. At that time, Eden dah start ingat.

So again, Adam terpisah dari Eden. But Bob berjaya crack the kebuntuan yg tentang lebah pink tu. Formula tu krie mcm dh berjaya la kononnya.. Dont ask me how as i myself x phm sgt plot tuh. Last2 Bob tu sndiri try bende tu and bjaya pg Down Under and sampaikan mesej dari Eden yg nk sgt jmpe si Adam ni kat cafe yg mereka slalu pg dulu. Finally when they met she told him she's pregnant. so happy ending.

again, the idea is there tp cara pengembangan x best sgtlah. and fakta x cukup kuat or cukup terang. Banyak gak tergantung dan menimbulkan tanda tanya cthnya:

1) Aunt Becky  masa kne tangkap trus x cakap whether die kne pnjara or kene bunuh. watak trus hilang

2) masa Adam dpt keje kt Transworld, x tunjuk pun cmne die dpt alih2 trus je keje skitu

3) Everytime die abis keje die sneaked out pakai magnet pg Up Top jmpe Eden tp mcm security die langsung x nmpak ke?

4) tak diterangkan dgn lebih lanjut cmne formula lebha pink tu bfungsi. makan ke?sapu ke? hujung2 crite director mcm nk cepat abis je so layankan jela..

So overall biase jelah cite ni..x tgk pun xpe.kalau tgk  dont expect too much.

Rating: * * 1/2* (2.5 stars)


Tuesday, January 01, 2013

New Year & MANGO


Another year has gone by. from my house i could hear the scream and tons of firework marking the year of 2013. at first i thought wanna be mad at hubby for not taking me anywhere, but came to think of it, the road will be cramped, gazillions of people everywhere and i know i don't have all the energy anymore to face all that. not like when i was lot younger.

i wish i could snap some photos of the colorful fireworks but i was too lazy.

i wanted to do the review for 2012 and realized that i haven't do any for 2010 and 2011 as well. so i guess for 2012 i 'll make sure i'll do it. just give me some times.

new year resolutions? hmmm i guess i have a few that i can think of at the moment:

1) make more money
2) buy house
3) my own car
4) babies?
5) hijab? (insyallah) doakan saya
6) umrah / haj
7) another vacation
8) wardrobe overhaul
9) make everybody happy :)

yap. semoga semua itu dpt dilakukan tahun ini.

anyways, my MANGO shipment arrived already!

suke!sgt suke!siap ada plastik and ada hanger lg..i gotta say this, i really love their service.

that's all for now. sekali lg selamat menyambut tahun baru 2013.

Ahlan Wa Sahlan ya 2013.