Thursday, December 13, 2012

Amendment From AirAsia

Me, my mum, my sis and BIL are supposed to go on short holiday next year. It was an impromptu decision. Tickets were booked much earlier which was in May this year. Where else if not from AirAsia (AA).

The thing is i always love AA and will always remember that because of AA, i got to travel more for such a fraction of price. I think their tagline "Everyone Can Fly" is kinda true at some point.

But nowadays, even Malaysian Airlines System (MAS) is actively doing promotions where the airfares is almost the same as AA's price.(for some destinations)

To me, that's a good sign of competition. Of course you cannot compare MAS and AA. MAS is a national airlines which the service is, i can say much better that AA which is a budget/low-cost airline. At the end, it's up to you to choose which suits you best depending on your taste and budget.

But what i want to share today is my frustration towards AA. Yesterday my sister received an email of booking confirmation (i don't know why suddenly she received it). But with a different flight time! We supposed to depart at 6.45 am and arrive at 10.30am but somehow with the new confirmation the we depart at 8.55pm and arrive at 12.40am (+1 day).

Gile haper nk sampai kul 12 tghmlm nk buat ape??bas confirm xde and teksi sure mahalll. And apparently only now i know that AA no longer have Customer Service Call Centre. They only have that Premium line which cost RM1.95 per minute and it only cater to AirAsia X guest ONLY.

They have only Twitter, FB, Live Chat (not functioning) and inquiry form. I have twit them and filled up their  form but so far no answer yet. It's quite frustrating because customer service is a crucial part of any organization. If your service sucks, chances are customer at the end will choose to run to your competitor regardless how cheap your product is.

And now i'm waiting for my answer. I need it pronto because i want to start to plan my trip. The hotel, transportation, activities etc. Now with this issue i don't dare to make any plans yet!

Furthermore with this MALINDO airlines about to commence i believe AirAsia need to work harder to convince customer why we should stick to them. With all the complaints i saw in FB, i know they are trying their best but still have a long way to go.



love for life said...

aiyakkk.i baru nak skodeng2 tiket

DalilaMian said...

loveforlife:xpe..situasi mcm i hadapi ni kadang2 je jadi..ikut nasibla..i still sokong airasia hehehe