Wednesday, December 26, 2012

The Big Day

Omg I dont know how to say it right now but im speechless.

today will be the day I wont forget. Been nervous ever since I got the call.

Dont know what kind of feeling should I have but they're all mixed together.

What im talking about? Will tell u all later once it's over.

At the moment let me make myself busy thinking what to wear.

P/s: no. I'm not pregnant ;)



oshinz said...

pegi majlis kawen apex ke? hehehe. okey not funny.

love for life said...

hahahah baru nak tanya u pregnant ke? naik pangkat ke?

MyNewJourney said...

oshinz & loveforlife: ohhh bukan2.hehe..nnti kite update ye! :)