Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Penang Reception Review

Again, i forgot to put my Penang reception photos. im not even 30 and already forgetting so many things. **Sigh**

The events was held at the Setia Pearl Island ballroom like..1 month after my reception at Duchess Place.

The deco was done by House of Red Gincu. They are quite well known in Penang and apparently they also did the wedding deco for Ustaz Don Daniyal & Dr. Husna here.

See my father and mother???hehehe..

The catering was from D' Kashmiry Catering. I was made to know that this catering is quiet famous in Penang. 

The doorgift was prepared from Moments. They specialize in personalize favbours and doorgift, candy + dessert buffet for any special occasions. Their blueberry cheese tart and vanilla muffin are my favorite!!

I was dolled up by a local MUA. Seriously he/she needs to improve on his attitude. He arrived late and didn't say sorry at all. He said the reason he was late because he and his friends went to a club last night. His friend who supposed to pick him up woke up late and forgot to fetch him to my wedding. What a lousy excuse right?? Not even a guilt face...Also he kept chatting with his friend who he brought along about how their clubbing was last night. ATTITUDE mannn!!!!!

The make up, the dress and accessories are from the MUA..some of the workmanship is flawed. A certain part where he needs to alter, the jahitan is soooo bad. Tapi redha jelah..im complaining bukan sbb tak bsyukur, tp sbb geram org buat bisnes mcm x serious. kite bayar whattt..

See my kain??actually before this it's a bit long so he has to cut it..tp dah potong tu jahitla elok2 ni tidak...die jahit kelepet jeee..kata amek kursus design kt UITM tapi..hampehhhh..

Actually i have more pictures and i wanted to put more including my family's photos. But i believe there're all in a CD which i cant't seem to find.....yet.

These photos here are taken from the photographer's website here

If any of you would like to get the contact of  my vendor for Penang reception,just shoot me an email dalilamian@yahoo.com yeeowwwwwwww..

Till then..