Friday, December 07, 2012

My Wedding Ring Review-Part 3

Just realized i never continue about my ring review.

Fuhh..where to start..well i had Goldheart for my merisik ring..Love & Co for my engagement ring..

For wedding??

Normally kalau ikut culture mat saleh the engagement ring should be the most special one (or in other words..bigger stone) sedangkan for kawin just a wedding band. Engagement ring msti batu besar2 sampai 0.7 to 1.0 carat..fuhh besauu tuuuu..For me, terbalik daaaa.

The wedding ring is much more special..sbb sang suami yg pakaikan kotttttttt. Actually xla..for wedding ade rezeki lebih sket so alhamdulillah dptla besaq sket ..

It's from DeGem. We purchased it at The Gardens..good service. but a lot of people say the one in Bangsar is the best.i don't know bcos i never been there.

When i told the SA we're looking for a wedding ring he quickly showed to his left "0.5 carat and below" and to his right   "bigger than 0.5 carat..which one?"

Well, i know how  "bigger than 0.5 carat" is gonna cost so i didnt wanna bother looking on his right.

I had few designs in mind but kinda interested more in the one yg ade side stone keliling.mcm elegan sgttt.after trying this and that..i guess i was lucky cos ade design fact the size was perfect and harga siap boleh tawar-tawar mmg x pyh tunggu alter or nk kene order baru..trus bayar and amek je cincin tuhh.

my ring type was round cut diamond micropave halo with a 0.35 carat diamond. harga jauh lg murah compared to Love & Co for the same design.

just a few tips for those who are currently looking for your ring:

1) Tentukan Bajet

Ini of cos lah. kene tau brape duit ade dulu br blh decide nk beli..Kinda susah nk bagi harga kt sini bcos it depends not only on saiz batu (carat)..but also clarity (flawless x flawless batu tu), color (drpd xde kaler smpai slighly yellow) and cut (drpd ideal to excellent smpai poor). ada yg batu besar tp kaler kunin sket so murah drpd batu kecik. but roughly for 0.2-0.4 carat will cost around 4-8k.

2) Your Style

For me i like to go with style. like solitaire sume tu mmg cantik tp simple je la..those with micropave halo i think mmg sgt cantikkksss..

"In 1953 movie, Gentleman Prefer Blondes, Marilyn Monroe dazzled with the iconic rendition of “Diamonds Are A Girl’s Best Friend”. But of course, not just any diamond will do. Most women have an idea of their favorite diamond shape. Some will also have a preference for the ring setting style and metal type. You’ll want to choose a ring that not only symbolizes your love, but also suits your fashion taste and personal style." 

3) Shape

Bukan shape badan yee..shape faveret will be round, cushion and princess cut....each cut tu mcm menggambarkan personaliti diri gituuuw.

4) Choose A Metal

This one means do you prefer gold ke, platinum ke,titanium ke..andamantium ke..ehh..itu dkat cite X-Men je ade huhuuh. traditionally people go for gold (18k or 14k) and nowadays dh ramai pakai platinum tp mahaiii sketlaa..

5) Consider Setting Options

Three popular styles of ring settings include the classic solitaire, a fancy setting with sidestones and a matching bridal set


The simplicity of the solitaire setting makes it a timeless and classic choice. A solitaire setting with four prongs allows the most light to enter the diamond from all angles, maximizing its brilliance. Six prongs shows slightly less diamond, but provide slightly more security in holding the stone.

Fancy Ring

A fancy setting with diamond sidestones adds an extra sparkle to your ring, complementing your center stone. The sidestones are set evenly with the band in a channel setting, bar setting or with prongs.

Bridal Rings

A bridal setting is comprised of an engagement ring setting and a matching wedding ring to create a perfect fit and uniform look. Bridal sets come in classic solitaire settings or include diamonds. This also allows men to be more creative and personal in their own choice of a wedding band

6) Timing

If duit dah ade tolongglllaaaaa plan awal and belilah cincin itu yeee..jgn tunggu lama2 sbb takut design or batu ktie nak tu xdokkk..kalau nk customade mau makan berminggu2..dlm 6-8 weeks hokayyy.. kalau dh belilnye pun last minute, pastu design yg nak tu xdeee, ko nk pakai ape time kawin nnti? sewa cincin orgkah?

idea source here

Some people ade gak prefer beli loose diamond time sale for example Habib slalu buat sale mcm tu. and then bring the stone to any jewelery store and customade kan casing die. sometimes option ni lg murah tp banyak sket kejela..if u jenis bnyk buat research psl diamonds and mmg gile diamonds friend went to Habib Bangsar and she said the service mmg first class kaoooo! she is the most cerewet as a person can be when it comes to her ring and the SA can still manage her expectation. his name is Faez..if you wanna go and try pgla cari SA tu and tgk btul ke tidak..huhu

Okehhh.. i think im done with my ring review...rasenye dah xde nk cite papela dh kot..sume dh cover..basically i love my wedding ring to bits and syukur sgt2 dpt beli design pujaan hati..cume skrg dh belek2 mcm princess/cusion cut pun cantik jugak ek??ehhh jgn tamakkk..hahahaha

Anyway if any of u nk share or nk tnye pendapat just shoot me an email okehh??

till then...