Friday, December 07, 2012

Edisi Makan

For those who love to eat like me, it is crucial to have a number of good place to eat just in case your craving comes suddenly. hehehe..

At the moment, these really compliment my taste bud.

Sushi King Bento

Japanese rice, crab meat, deep fried seafood tempura, egg etc..

Sirap Bandung @ Sambal Hijau, Sg. Penchala

One of the best sirap bandung i had in my life! pekat dan manis just the way i like it.

Baked Potato with Beef Rasher @ Wondermilk

This is heaven! Baked Potato with generous amount of cheese+mayo and filled with beef slices..The salad just add another plus point to this dish.

See the beef?? yummyyyy.

Luckily me and hubby share the same eating habit. We love to eat. If we find a good place we keep going there until we get bored. heh

if you have any other place u like to go just share with me will yah??