Thursday, December 20, 2012

Alia's Engagement

Finally finally finally. she got engaged.

after all the hassle bustle & headache. she is now someone's fiancee.

can't wait for this day because i'm one of the maid. hehehehe.

Event held at her house in Melaka. enjoys the pics.

Yours truly was clueless how to do her hair. I was wearing mint green peplum modern kurung with lace patches and pearls.

Her 0.78 carat diamond ring.She is the lord of the ring among my frens. diamond ring i'd say.

The maids...

Together with the man's side. hensem-hensem blako. Amboi mentang2 la aku sorang je yg dah kawen..memang die letak 5 org jantan je cukup2. ahaksss

Yesssssssss. Now the greater things wait ahead.

Kalau tunang pun dah pening kepala, kahwin nnti cemana tuuu? Hehe xpe, Insyaallah i'll still be your adviser (if needed).

photography by Seyhai Creative Picture
Make up: Alia is a make up junkie so she and her aunt did by themselves..lovely aitte?
Hantaran: One of her bestfriend did it for her.
Maid's attire: She bought the material at Harisons but we go find our own tailor.
Ring: Habib
Headpiece: Diva



cha said...

simple tapi cute je her e-day. baju maids pun nice color sangat :D

MyNewJourney said...

cha: hehe kannnn?