Thursday, November 01, 2012

Wedding Invitation Card Review

i realized i never do a review on my wedding invitation here it is..

nothing fancy mancy..actually why i opted for hard-cover card?hmmm because that was the closest option besides using wooden card.

i made a post about it here.

couldn't get the wooden one since its a bit out of my budget.

cost u around RM4 - RM10 each i think..

So i settled for glad i did..

Actually my card is inspired by this:

im sorry i couldnt remember where i got this image from. i just saved it in my file ..sincerely forgot. if anyone owns this image let me know.

so like i told u before Jalan Pasar has a LOT of card maker and i believe one of the cheapest...i guess it's because they are actually a printing shop..

like mine it cost RM1.60 each (if u wanna do the folding and gluing urself) and around RM2.20 each for complete set. i ordered only 550 pcs but if u order more it'll be cheaper.

 The ribbon deco i did it myself.. if anyone interested to know which shop i went to (cos Jalan Pasar has like so many small2 shops and mine was located at a secluded, cornered area of Jalan Pasar i think thats why the price was soo cheap) do email me yaaaaawww.

That shop is run a by a very old efficient chinese uncle and they can shape the card however u want it. 

But be a bit careful about the wording..mine got 1-2 spelling errors..but not that noticeable.

So that's about it..hope it is a good information for u girls /B2B out there...



Guide me through.. said...

seriously need your help on this!!
Been searching like for-e-va and can't find good price for hard cover card.. Sobs2!

Teman org shopping kad kawen bley?

MyNewJourney said...

baby:hehe..bolee jee..dtgla sini amek org

Guide me through.. said...

boleh, nntilah org amek cuti sehari then kite round2 kl cari kad kahwin.
huhuhu.. skang agak busy. sob2.

Unknown said...

hie dear,

may i know the location of this shop?
i pn tgh cari wedding card but didnt know how expensive it is! haih. this one looks nice and quite cheap too. can email me at


thanks yeah :)

Guide me through.. said...

Dilaa.. Udasshh settle! Weehuu.. Within my budget hokey. Skang ngah fening nk design. Aiyoohh.. Nak kene call hang lagi ni nak tanye cene. Huehuehuehue~