Wednesday, November 07, 2012

Travel Deal

If you love travelling in Europe you got to know where to find the best deal.

As for me i'm kinda rajin to browse certain airlines that really give u the best deal of all.

Not to forget our own airlines MAS which is now having such a good promo for London or Paris which starts from RM2800++ return ticket.

But still cannot beat some of middle east airlines particularly the one that just open Kuwait Airways..

Their Rome return ticket is as low as RM2100++ all inclusive!!!!

i was almost click the button "Buy Now" when i saw the price..

It is freaking cheap maaaaaaannnnn!

Also try Sri Lankan airlines which their Europe ticket can go as low as RM2200++..not sure how much is it now la..i went to look last week. But also not sure of their meal either got halal or not.

If u love Turkey MAS did have a sale of RM1900++ once before..they probably will do it again..try to scout again for ur luck. Like now Qatar is offering RM2500++ for Turkey return ticket..not bad laa..

That's all.



Guide me through.. said...

whoah! good info dila! but how unfortunate, still can't afford to go for overseas holiday at the moment :(

MyNewJourney said...


NoorNazuha said... year...PARIS PARIS and PARIS

MyNewJourney said...

noornazuha:ROME ROME ROME!