Saturday, November 24, 2012

The Last of Twilight

At last my wait has come to an end. The final Twilight has hit the cinema.

I didn't win any ticket to watch the premiere. Even tho i participated in one of the contest only to realized i did not even answer it right. : (

It's ok.

We watched the show Thursday night.

Made the night an LBD night....have to be special maaaaa.. twilight dah xde lg hokayyyy?

leopard flat...

Edward tunggu aku!!!!

So many things running on my many expectations. but u know how u will be disappointed if u expect too much. so i tried to keep it low. and just enjoy the movie.

And i did.

i realized this time they did not dwell to much about Jacob's feeling towards Bella more frust frust sulking sulking because he has something else to be happy about.. i think Twilight fans know what i'm talking about.

There was even an unexpected scene in the movie that made every single soul in the cinema that night went "ooooooooowwwwhhhhhhhh fuuuhhhhh"

am not going to spoil it to u tho..hehehe..let it be a surprise.

i think only one thing that made me come for a million (or billion?) of dollar profit movie, their CGI or effect or whatever is so BAD..i could't hold myself to laugh when i saw Renesmee (Bella's daughter) when she's still a baby.

i mean like.. "seriously???this is the best u can do??why the baby look like cartoon? or worse it's obviously show their CGI mcm harammmm?

at least that's how i least the rest of the story was pretty good to me..I even love the ending..

The romantic part is there...reminiscing the moment when they first met until the very last moment..

i think every girls who watched that night went "owwwhhhhh so sweeeeettttt"

i want Edward for myself  toooooooo...argghhhh

the movie was ended with the re-do of "Thousand Years" from Christina Perri featuring Steve Kazee..omg soooo romantic..

pls pls pls listen to it..

i remember i saw in my Twitter someone saying this:

"When i was a kid, Vampire or Dracula scares the hell out of me..but nowadays, people want to date them"

it's so true.

Rating: * * * * out of  * * * * * (4 out of 5)