Monday, November 05, 2012

The Brave Little Girl (Part 2)

i really got to tell u all this..i dont know this is funny or what..

remember this post here?

about this little girl....we bumped again  into her at The Curve..her mum's working there.she was just went all around waiting for her mum to finish her shift.

and we were just to have our meal at Asam Pedas.

she recognized us and sat nearby.

i was like "oh god..jgnla budak ni nk suruh anta balik pulak"

my husband tried to be nice and invited her to join us for lunch. at first she said no and then she changed her mind..i looked at my hub and raised one eyebrow " is this necessary?"

while eating we were chatting and she told us she got 4As in her exam and her mum gave her handphone as present. she even hang the hp on her neck. she also told us her parents has separated and she lives with her mum. she has make up on her face and she said she wants to be a celebrity and her mum disapproved.

we had to be quick bcos we had movie to catch. after lunch we went to surau and she wanted to follow too.  while walking she was hinting she wants an ice cream and how her mum did not let her eat ice cream..of course i agreed with her mother..; ) i told her ice cream is bad for kids.

on the way to surau there this game centre and she said she wanted to play. i said i had to rush because our movie is about to start. i could not believe what she said ;

"xpe, akak bg je duit lepas tu saya pgla main sndiri"

i started to feel uncomfortable..gile selamba mintak duit dari stranger. we perfomed solah first and i thought she had forgot but oh man she did not.

after we went out of the surau she tugged my hand and her mouth pouting to the game centre.

i did not have small change and asked from hub..i can see his face changed a bit..nevertheless we gave her some cash and made her promise to go back to her mother after game.

the next day i was waiting for my hub at the lobby of our flat..bumped into her AGAIN..

she even recognized me from behind...she just greeted me and went away..but as i have predicted she turn back and asked

"Akak ada 4 ringgit x kite nk top up?"

i think God loves me.. coincidentally my wallet is empty..i showed it to her and and she walk away with her dissapointment face.

Now me and hub is kinda hoping not to bump into her's not really the money but she has established this impression that she can just ask for anything from us..and we dont even know each other's name.

i feel pity for that girl but at the same time im scared lah if she simply ask for money whenever she sees us.

any advise what should i do or say if next time we see each other?


love for life said...

aiyak i plak yg pissed off baca story you. actually i pun penah kene but with my friend's lil sis. mintak top up jugak. first time boleh la bagi but bila kita bagi diorang lagi naik lemak. so i told her to stop doing that because her sister had no idea about her lil sis behavior.

Im in love said...

dont be nice to that kid anymore. My instict strongly tell me that her parents taught her to ask money from stranger. Later, she might rob u as well plak.
eee.. nauzubillah.

DalilaMian said...

loveforlife:yeke?i malas nk ckp straight to the point sgt sbb takut kang die kecik ati

baby:haha..harap2 xlah kan..kecik lg budak tu..panjang lg masa depan dieeee