Thursday, November 22, 2012

Samsung-Chelsea FC Youth Football Camp

Once in a while when i go back to my folk's home and my brother is always on my dad's laptop.

I was curious that he always minimized the tab whenever i was in he didn't want me to see.

He is SO shy and likes to keep everything to himself...and that including his interest.

But once or twice i caught him screaming over football match or WWF on Youtube.

Only then i know he is into football. All this while he only loves to play games at the Cyber Cafe (CC).

Being a very indoor kind of person he only goes out to school, tuition or going to CC.. (to play his online games or whatever)

So when i got the invitation from Nuffnang to bring someone to this Samsung-Chelsea FC Youth Football Camp, i jumped on it right away! i know just who to bring. I don't even know which club/team he supports. But when i asked him ;

"Do u have any favorite Chelsea player? Or at least do u know any Chelsea player?"

"Fernando Torres" he answered rolling his eyes like i just asked him a stupid question.

ok. i know he's in a good hand. : )

It was so hard to get him to participate. He declined me twice. But i know deep down inside he actually dying to go and experience it himself. Maybe he still feel so shy and don't feel good in front of the public.

I spent a night at my folk's house because we had to wake up early and afraid to be late to register ourselves. The itinerary said the registration starts at 8.00am. i drove like crazy.. with a map in my hand.

We were there sharp at 8 and i can see a only few people there. Cehhhhh.. and the registration starts at 9am.

Queuing up to get his jersey and all.

Controlling his tummy??? it's ok bro,i know sit-up it's not your thing.

Sorting out according to age group.

I know he's having fun.. me too..watching him! and also to watch these small kids i believe aged between 7-10? so cute! They were playing like pros!

With one of the coach..the rest were so busy signing autographs..

Cooking demo by Anis Nabilah using SAMSUNG Omnipro Microwave looked so easy..not sure  because she's a chef or the microwave is super easy to use! i want one!!!

I knew there will be a lucky-draw for a SAMSUNG Onmipro Microwave Oven! I summon my law of attraction now!

okayyy..wasn't lucky enough to get my hands on the microwave..but i won a n exclusive jersey instead!

and my hubby happily wearing it..

What i wore that day? coincidentally blue colored top too..complimenting the event ahaksss..

Yeahh..glad my lil bro finally got out of the house to do something physical. This opportunity just came at the right time.

didnt get to snap all the goodies we received..the most important thing is that we had fun..

p/s: the next day my lil bro got cramped all over hahahaa...tu lah sape suruh x bersenam langsung ;)