Thursday, November 08, 2012

Sambal Udang Petai

My craving for sambal petai these past few days is crazyyy..

So i dragged my hub to buy some and i decided to cook them pronto.. i never cooked them before and this is consider my first attempt.

"its either taste good or bad"

i told my hubby when i asked him to comment later.

Browsed some good websites/blogs to refer to and successfully made it plus the vege that i kinda altered the recipe.hihii

the only new thing is i added egg...hmm not bad not bad

served with nasi panas and yummmmmmm. oohh and ikan kembung goreng..

He liked it..i think so because the plate was licin!hahaha

Err...u dont wanna ask how the toilet smells for the 3 dayss...hiiishhhhh




FarizAtie said...

my fevret sambal petai!!...^_^

MyNewJourney said...

farizatie: kecuq air liurrr kannn