Friday, November 09, 2012

Pannaz Restaurant

Yeahhh again its about food and foof...ehh food.

Last 2 days both of us craved for stik pulok.

Didnt want to go far far away bcos we already got hooked up with tv series and didnt want to miss it...ohhh couch potato!

We suddenly remembered this restaurant that we have been before...but didnt do any review on it.

so here it goes:

what i had was Grilled beef tenderloin comes with chunky chips, grilled tomato & smoked black pepper reduction..

price RM45...gulpppp..(bye bye intention to buy new MANGO top)

i had it in medium well and i just love the tender and juicy meat..

Mu hubby had combo grilled lamb + chicken with mashed potato and gravy..and black pepper sauce..
very delicious too especially the lamb so tender! susah nk dpt kambing lembut cmtu..

price RM38.....i think..can't remember

For drinks i had fruit punch ( loved it!) and hub had vanilla smoothies (yummyyy) price each RM10++

They have their own website but i believe the menu and pricing not up to date..but can use as guidance..

u all can give it a try..who knows it might suit your taste too.



misha.w said...

dulu slalu mkn sini. aku paling suka bread pudding dia. mmg terbaik.a must try! :)

MyNewJourney said...

hehe..xx dapek nk makn selalu..mahaiii