Friday, November 30, 2012

No Coupon No More

I went to salon to this one saloon in Subang Jaya to redeem my coupon. I bought it at I Love Discount.

And i freaking regret ittttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttt!


First, i wanted to do rebonding but the lady kept on pushing me to do perm. ok fine that's my fault for not sticking to my own decision.

secondly, she was so rough!!!really..!my scalp is a bit sensitive and she was scrubbing and pulling my hair like NOBODY's business !

i kept telling her to slow down,she just smiled and continued...i was like.. ????

The coupon was priced at RM68 and the treatment supposed to worth around RM400++ which including cut,wash,blow,treatment and perming/rebonding/coloring

But the cutting part was so fast. also the washing part..cincai boncaiiiii.

and i believe there was no proper treatment process..just letak krim/gel/lotion sket apetah..and then she just washed it.

and the worst part.....

Kan i buat perm..that was 2 days ago..and TODAY my hair dah mcm straight balik,,sketttttt je kerinting die.

segala haram jadah krim,serum,shampoo,masque sume aku beli kottttttt dari dieeee...

So itu ke service untuk harga RM400++???mcm x logik kan??

actually dah fed up pakai kupon2 ni..bukan semua teruk but i notice (and experienced) facial and spa pakej actually sgt x worth it!

buat facial mcm nak xnak and i remember before my wedding me and my friends went to this spa somewhere in subang jugak, the staff kept complaining why ktrg dtg trus 3 org at the same time (me and 2 other friends) sbb die x cukup staff.

ada aku kesah keee ko x cukup staff????its not my F********G problem kotttttt

for the scrub part,u know what she did? she just lumur je scrub tu dkat my body (itupun dgn sgt kasar dan nk cepat2) and then just left me alone in the bathroom and expect me to scrub myself.. poor me!!!

facial pn ade 2-3 bad experience jugakkkkkkk..service mcm hareeemmmmmm..

Rasenye,at the moment dah serik kot nk beli lg..and for those out there,bfore nak beli cek dulu betul2 saloon tu bertauliah ke x..the one i went to mcm non-hadooooo sket..

kalau nk puas hati lagi xyah la kupon2 ni..pergi straight yg normal price bbaloiiii.

time ni dah frust dah..

fuhh..legaaaa dpt luah kt sini..

till then..