Monday, November 19, 2012

Back Pain

We were doing some spring cleaning during the weekend and took off all our old curtains and replaced with new ones.

There's no one better to do the job than my hubby.. the climbing, swiping and all..

We were surprised to see the amount of dust that we managed to collect so far. I thought living in a high-rise
we won't face this kind of problem but not my house.

Unfortunately, after all the cleaning my hub suffered with a sudden back pain. At first i thought it was only temporary but it has been 3 days and he complaints it's still painful.

He needs help to get up, to sit down, he can't sit in a certain position for a long time and can't barely walk..

I googled about it and it seems that either he got to rest for up to few weeks or take pain killer. There is not certain  treatment since this symptoms hasn't exceed over a month yet. After a month it will be considered chronic.

Now im watching him lying down and even that can still cause him pain..poor hubby..

i pray you will get well soon..