Sunday, November 11, 2012

Asam Pedas Daging

I won't call myself as a good cook but rather good in following the recipe.

That's why i didn't bother to write the recipe or cooking instructions because i also got them from the internet.

The other day my Malay throat stroke again..for asam pedas.

But this time it's using meat.

So asam pedas daging it is.

For this time i used a recipe whereby we stew the meat until it's tender...stew??is that even right?or is it boil??

Instead of using the raw one to put in the gravy..

Finally, the result..tender thick, sour and spicy gravy

Pair it with fried cabbage and hot rice..



oshinz said...

sedapnya!!!! terliur..

MyNewJourney said...

heheee..yum yumm