Tuesday, November 27, 2012

A Friend's Preparation

Once in a while i remember how my engagement and wedding preparation was years ago. And thinking about it sometimes made me smile and laugh all by myself. Bukan ape, how exited and mad i was at that time. Stayed up so late at night in front of my lappy browsing B2b blogs, vendor's website etc etc..dreaming or "berangan" were a good friend of mine back then.

Kalau boleh sume bende nak serba serbi. Lovely dress, beautiful make-up, gorgeous pelamin/dais, creative doorgifts, cheap but nice invitation card yadaa yadaa yadaaa.

i pulled out all my sources to get the best deal i can. Because i think... and i want,  my wedding to be the most memorable event in my life. our life. that is of course besides babies, our first house, first car and etc..those are much later.

Even until now i miss the hustle and bustle of being a bride to be..for me, i was excited for my engagement already.. and now all that has past, i only get to be with people who their journey has just begun. to share their excitement, their stories.

But not with this lady..one of my BFF aka ex-colleague..she's getting engaged in 20 days time and she's worried why she's has not feel the excitement yet??? but i guess it's normal.

Well my friend, everybody's level of excitement and experience will differ. Depends on your surrounding and your history also. To me the most important thing is at the end of your journey, you and your loved ones will unite and get to spend your life happily ever after. That is what matters. Because the journey is still long and in fact it has just started. There will be more obstacles and challenges u will face as a husband and wife.

But i like to think positive. Because positive mind attracts positive vibe. i'm saying this because at the moment i might not be at my best condition (financially, physically bla bla bla) but i believe if we look at it in a different perspective, you can face all the challenges easily.

Well i mumble a lot rite? ok time to stop. 

The other day i accompanied her to get some stuff for engagement. One of the cheapest bridal stuff u can get is at Semua House..Yes there were quite cheap but don't question the quality. u can't have everything..

For some deco for the dais we went to SOGO and coincidentally there was a sale going on and we managed to get good bargain.

While waiting for our other half to pick us up its time for ice chocolate at the cafe downstairs. Not bad!but i still love my DOME ice choc..the best yooo.

Penat wooooo time ni..my feet are swollen to the max!

Even the accessories section is on massive slash off right now! Sabo jela....

Notice my leopard flats? and my orange pants? hehe..gile la Dila pandai main kaler skrg..hihihihi

pandai ke?? :p

Cant wait to attend her engagement as i will be one of the maid ehehhe..dekat Melaka yoooo..blh mkn nasi ayam bola ngn asam pedassssss...slurppp

till then adiks adiks..