Friday, November 30, 2012

No Coupon No More

I went to salon to this one saloon in Subang Jaya to redeem my coupon. I bought it at I Love Discount.

And i freaking regret ittttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttt!


First, i wanted to do rebonding but the lady kept on pushing me to do perm. ok fine that's my fault for not sticking to my own decision.

secondly, she was so rough!!!really..!my scalp is a bit sensitive and she was scrubbing and pulling my hair like NOBODY's business !

i kept telling her to slow down,she just smiled and continued...i was like.. ????

The coupon was priced at RM68 and the treatment supposed to worth around RM400++ which including cut,wash,blow,treatment and perming/rebonding/coloring

But the cutting part was so fast. also the washing part..cincai boncaiiiii.

and i believe there was no proper treatment process..just letak krim/gel/lotion sket apetah..and then she just washed it.

and the worst part.....

Kan i buat perm..that was 2 days ago..and TODAY my hair dah mcm straight balik,,sketttttt je kerinting die.

segala haram jadah krim,serum,shampoo,masque sume aku beli kottttttt dari dieeee...

So itu ke service untuk harga RM400++???mcm x logik kan??

actually dah fed up pakai kupon2 ni..bukan semua teruk but i notice (and experienced) facial and spa pakej actually sgt x worth it!

buat facial mcm nak xnak and i remember before my wedding me and my friends went to this spa somewhere in subang jugak, the staff kept complaining why ktrg dtg trus 3 org at the same time (me and 2 other friends) sbb die x cukup staff.

ada aku kesah keee ko x cukup staff????its not my F********G problem kotttttt

for the scrub part,u know what she did? she just lumur je scrub tu dkat my body (itupun dgn sgt kasar dan nk cepat2) and then just left me alone in the bathroom and expect me to scrub myself.. poor me!!!

facial pn ade 2-3 bad experience jugakkkkkkk..service mcm hareeemmmmmm..

Rasenye,at the moment dah serik kot nk beli lg..and for those out there,bfore nak beli cek dulu betul2 saloon tu bertauliah ke x..the one i went to mcm non-hadooooo sket..

kalau nk puas hati lagi xyah la kupon2 ni..pergi straight yg normal price bbaloiiii.

time ni dah frust dah..

fuhh..legaaaa dpt luah kt sini..

till then..


Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Which One?

A quick question:

if you are given a choice to be able to fly or to be able to be invisible..which one will u choose?

and why?

me?i'll share it later..


Tuesday, November 27, 2012

A Friend's Preparation

Once in a while i remember how my engagement and wedding preparation was years ago. And thinking about it sometimes made me smile and laugh all by myself. Bukan ape, how exited and mad i was at that time. Stayed up so late at night in front of my lappy browsing B2b blogs, vendor's website etc etc..dreaming or "berangan" were a good friend of mine back then.

Kalau boleh sume bende nak serba serbi. Lovely dress, beautiful make-up, gorgeous pelamin/dais, creative doorgifts, cheap but nice invitation card yadaa yadaa yadaaa.

i pulled out all my sources to get the best deal i can. Because i think... and i want,  my wedding to be the most memorable event in my life. our life. that is of course besides babies, our first house, first car and etc..those are much later.

Even until now i miss the hustle and bustle of being a bride to be..for me, i was excited for my engagement already.. and now all that has past, i only get to be with people who their journey has just begun. to share their excitement, their stories.

But not with this of my BFF aka ex-colleague..she's getting engaged in 20 days time and she's worried why she's has not feel the excitement yet??? but i guess it's normal.

Well my friend, everybody's level of excitement and experience will differ. Depends on your surrounding and your history also. To me the most important thing is at the end of your journey, you and your loved ones will unite and get to spend your life happily ever after. That is what matters. Because the journey is still long and in fact it has just started. There will be more obstacles and challenges u will face as a husband and wife.

But i like to think positive. Because positive mind attracts positive vibe. i'm saying this because at the moment i might not be at my best condition (financially, physically bla bla bla) but i believe if we look at it in a different perspective, you can face all the challenges easily.

Well i mumble a lot rite? ok time to stop. 

The other day i accompanied her to get some stuff for engagement. One of the cheapest bridal stuff u can get is at Semua House..Yes there were quite cheap but don't question the quality. u can't have everything..

For some deco for the dais we went to SOGO and coincidentally there was a sale going on and we managed to get good bargain.

While waiting for our other half to pick us up its time for ice chocolate at the cafe downstairs. Not bad!but i still love my DOME ice choc..the best yooo.

Penat wooooo time feet are swollen to the max!

Even the accessories section is on massive slash off right now! Sabo jela....

Notice my leopard flats? and my orange pants? hehe..gile la Dila pandai main kaler skrg..hihihihi

pandai ke?? :p

Cant wait to attend her engagement as i will be one of the maid ehehhe..dekat Melaka yoooo..blh mkn nasi ayam bola ngn asam pedassssss...slurppp

till then adiks adiks..


Monday, November 26, 2012


i know im a bit left behind.

But heyyy!at least im trying it now.

I just activated and claimed my blog on NuffnangX

if you would like to follow2 me and chit-chat just click the banner on the right..see?? so simpleee jeeeeee.

Until then bebehsss..


Sunday, November 25, 2012

Istanbul Aku Datang

i watched it.

Eventho i'm not an avid fan of Lisa Surihani.

But before that i got to meet my beloved nephew. Gosh he is so big now..going "taa taaa taaa taa" as his current language..can't wait for him to begin talking..

with his new toy..he was so excited and looked like he wanted to swallow that thing.

Wearing my favorite MANGO stripe t-shirt with MANGO blue the Arzu pashmina i borrowed from SIL..

Ok back to the movie.

How would i rate it?hmmmm..for a Malay movie..consider oklaaaaa..

The storyline very simple je. very straightfoward.

The major point yang dipertaruhkan of course is the location..Istanbul..

im going to be brutally honest here. whatever opinion that i will express here strictly from my own personal perspective.all comes from my humble knowledge yang mmg x seberapa ni.

One thing i notice about Malay drama/movie is they lack of good script. And the storyline sgt lemah. Terlalu mudah nak mencari kesilapan atau mempertikaikan setiap babak yang dipertontonkan.

Dont get me started dengan drama melayu yang asyik kluar skrip projek juta-juta, kluar nama pangkat dato sri/tan sri saje, kisah hidup orang kaya yang jahil,kalau miskin tu plak dramatik sgt sampai meleweh leweh pun ade.

Atau dengan erti kata lain..kalau baik tu, baik sgt..kalau jahat tu..jahat sgt.

Ok..again..back to the movie.

Movie ni xdelah mcm kelemahan2 di atas tetapi ade certain2 expression dlm babak filem ni mcm dibuat-buat. And honestly i dont think so crite ni kelakar pun. especially bab gaduh2 manja Dian (Lisa Surihani) dan Harris (Beto Kusyairi) masa mereka mula2 jumpe...i dont think so chemistry mereka kuat in this movie. level lawak dlm crite ni very minimum..

jalan crite ..x tunjuk sgt Dian tu sempat belaja kursus bahasa die tu ke x...tau2 bile dh kecewa ngn Azad (Tomok) , Dian terus amek keputusan nak balik Malaysia..

Dari segi lakonan tu Lisa mmg okla blakon cume sometimes mcm ade yang dibuat2 or she's trying too hard so nmpk x natural..Beto mula2 x best tp lama2 better sket..Tomok mmg agak keras kayu sketla cume time die pujuk Dian adela nmpak ok sket..

And i notice Bernard Chauly ni kureng sensitif sket bab2 agama ni..taula die bukan Islam tp dah pelakonnye tu pun Islam so x sangka ada gak skript2 yang boleh diconsiderkan mcm ....jahil kot

ade adegan bile Dian dah smpai Istanbul die nk sgt dok serumah dgn Azad tp Azad x Dian punye bongok boleh tanye knp Azad ni x bg..Azad ni pun kne explain sbb x manis dok dengan laki. Si Dian blh lagi menjawap buat ape nk fikir ape org kata sbb dorang bukan buat salah..

X salah??dok serumah ngn laki x salah?mana punye mazhab ko pakai daaaaaa..

pastu blh ade adegan Dian update blog die and express die x puas hati cakap Azad tu paranoid sgt x bg duduk dgn die..i mean..i knowla kalau kat KL tu fenomena dok ngn bf mcm dh biasa (eventho it's wrong) but still x pyhla tunjuk kt dunia yg ko tu jahil sgt..

and one more adegan whereby Dian pg visit Azad dekat kampus..jumpe2 trus peluk.. (Yusry gile sporting nye kauuu!) and Azad kata knp peluk2 die.. Again Dian tnye soalan bodoh knp x blh peluk sbb kat Malaysia blh je peluk.. Azad pun jwpla yg Turki ni negara orang and negara Islam so die seganla..

 Dalam hati aku bertanya Malaysia tu bukan negara Islam kah?

Ok last one, malam terakhir Dian di Istanbul si Harris ni nk bwk la Dian g jalan2 keliling bandar..dibawak nye Dian berkelah bsama2 family mamat yg bekerja sbg model untuk buku kanak2 die tu.. sampai2 kat park tu dah sah2 waktu maghrib sbb dengan jelas azan Maghrib sedang dorang trus selamba bersuka-ria , makan2, berjoget2 bersama-sama mcm menggambarkan seolah-olah x hormat langsung waktu Maghrib.. i mean kalau x nk buat adegan solat ke ape ke xyahla buat adegan tu waktu senja..sbb isu2 mcm ni mmg akan dipertikaikan..

Actually dari movie Pisau Cukur tu i already notice si Bernard Chauly ni mmg suke menggambarkan org2 melayu yg mcm x paham agama..pakai seksi2, hubungan sejenis ditonjolkan dgn sangat jelas, yes sume yang dipaparkan dlm movie2 die tu mmg berlaku dlm dunia realiti tp adakah itu yg kite nk tonjolkan pada masyarakat?

well enough of isu2 serius ni..i know die buat filem ni nk happy2 tp x ble nk abaikan certain2 isu yg blh mmbawa implikasi lebih besar..he just need to be more least that's how i feel.

errr..i hope u all faham ape yg i cuba nk sampaikan..jgn salah faham ye bg peminat2 Lisa ke, Beto ke..Tomok ke..this is just my opinion.

Rating: * * * out of  * * * * * (3 out of 5)

sekian saje review saya pada kali ini..huhu..

till thennnnnn...


Saturday, November 24, 2012

The Last of Twilight

At last my wait has come to an end. The final Twilight has hit the cinema.

I didn't win any ticket to watch the premiere. Even tho i participated in one of the contest only to realized i did not even answer it right. : (

It's ok.

We watched the show Thursday night.

Made the night an LBD night....have to be special maaaaa.. twilight dah xde lg hokayyyy?

leopard flat...

Edward tunggu aku!!!!

So many things running on my many expectations. but u know how u will be disappointed if u expect too much. so i tried to keep it low. and just enjoy the movie.

And i did.

i realized this time they did not dwell to much about Jacob's feeling towards Bella more frust frust sulking sulking because he has something else to be happy about.. i think Twilight fans know what i'm talking about.

There was even an unexpected scene in the movie that made every single soul in the cinema that night went "ooooooooowwwwhhhhhhhh fuuuhhhhh"

am not going to spoil it to u tho..hehehe..let it be a surprise.

i think only one thing that made me come for a million (or billion?) of dollar profit movie, their CGI or effect or whatever is so BAD..i could't hold myself to laugh when i saw Renesmee (Bella's daughter) when she's still a baby.

i mean like.. "seriously???this is the best u can do??why the baby look like cartoon? or worse it's obviously show their CGI mcm harammmm?

at least that's how i least the rest of the story was pretty good to me..I even love the ending..

The romantic part is there...reminiscing the moment when they first met until the very last moment..

i think every girls who watched that night went "owwwhhhhh so sweeeeettttt"

i want Edward for myself  toooooooo...argghhhh

the movie was ended with the re-do of "Thousand Years" from Christina Perri featuring Steve Kazee..omg soooo romantic..

pls pls pls listen to it..

i remember i saw in my Twitter someone saying this:

"When i was a kid, Vampire or Dracula scares the hell out of me..but nowadays, people want to date them"

it's so true.

Rating: * * * * out of  * * * * * (4 out of 5)


Friday, November 23, 2012


Never in my life i am interested my any sort of leopard/cheetah/tiger print.

Now i am! u got to have at least one in your closet.

For me i chose the ballerinas..

My current favorite purchase so far.


Thursday, November 22, 2012

Pray & Do'a

I was called to do this post after seeing all the horrible images of Palestine victims..

The massive attacks continuously for almost 7 days and what saddened me most is the silence of Muslim Country..

Bukan negara2 Arab ni kaya ke??Kuwait la..Arab Saudi la,,Iran, Bahrain, Oman, dan yang sewaktu dengannya..kenapa negara2 yang kaya ini mcm x bermaya nk berbuat apa-apa?

kalau kt malaysia ni ape yang terdaya cuma meluahkan rasa tidak puas hati di facebook dan blog-blog. But for me..i will pray for them and those yang mati syahid di medan perang..

Boikot barangan Israel???

Alhamdulillah so far tekak ni x merasa nk makan McDonald dah :)..Loreal? saya mmg x pakai mekap pon ngeheeee ; )..Coca-Cola? x suke air bergas lah huhu..Starbuck?samela..x suke kopi jugak :p

harap2 istiqamah la yee.. (pesanan utk diri sndiri)

Is that the best u can come out with? Wahai Israel??

The latest news i heard..Israel has surrender to the ceasefire and Palestine people were celebrating it with gun fired to the air..


Samsung-Chelsea FC Youth Football Camp

Once in a while when i go back to my folk's home and my brother is always on my dad's laptop.

I was curious that he always minimized the tab whenever i was in he didn't want me to see.

He is SO shy and likes to keep everything to himself...and that including his interest.

But once or twice i caught him screaming over football match or WWF on Youtube.

Only then i know he is into football. All this while he only loves to play games at the Cyber Cafe (CC).

Being a very indoor kind of person he only goes out to school, tuition or going to CC.. (to play his online games or whatever)

So when i got the invitation from Nuffnang to bring someone to this Samsung-Chelsea FC Youth Football Camp, i jumped on it right away! i know just who to bring. I don't even know which club/team he supports. But when i asked him ;

"Do u have any favorite Chelsea player? Or at least do u know any Chelsea player?"

"Fernando Torres" he answered rolling his eyes like i just asked him a stupid question.

ok. i know he's in a good hand. : )

It was so hard to get him to participate. He declined me twice. But i know deep down inside he actually dying to go and experience it himself. Maybe he still feel so shy and don't feel good in front of the public.

I spent a night at my folk's house because we had to wake up early and afraid to be late to register ourselves. The itinerary said the registration starts at 8.00am. i drove like crazy.. with a map in my hand.

We were there sharp at 8 and i can see a only few people there. Cehhhhh.. and the registration starts at 9am.

Queuing up to get his jersey and all.

Controlling his tummy??? it's ok bro,i know sit-up it's not your thing.

Sorting out according to age group.

I know he's having fun.. me too..watching him! and also to watch these small kids i believe aged between 7-10? so cute! They were playing like pros!

With one of the coach..the rest were so busy signing autographs..

Cooking demo by Anis Nabilah using SAMSUNG Omnipro Microwave looked so easy..not sure  because she's a chef or the microwave is super easy to use! i want one!!!

I knew there will be a lucky-draw for a SAMSUNG Onmipro Microwave Oven! I summon my law of attraction now!

okayyy..wasn't lucky enough to get my hands on the microwave..but i won a n exclusive jersey instead!

and my hubby happily wearing it..

What i wore that day? coincidentally blue colored top too..complimenting the event ahaksss..

Yeahh..glad my lil bro finally got out of the house to do something physical. This opportunity just came at the right time.

didnt get to snap all the goodies we received..the most important thing is that we had fun..

p/s: the next day my lil bro got cramped all over hahahaa...tu lah sape suruh x bersenam langsung ;)


Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Jimmy Choo's To Let Go..

~Finally i made up my mind to let go this lovely shoes..only worn a few times..~

i made a review about my nikah shoes here

Selling price: RM1200 (negotiable)
Brand: Jimmy Choo Bridal

if anyone interested kindly email me at


Casual or Malas?

Had to do something quick in the morning. i was standing in front of my wardrobe thinking what to wear..

Finally grabbed my sleeveless grey dress and top it up with this tribal kimono i bought from ASOS..

Accessories? only my skinny brown belt and my tribal necklace.

So much for my casual tribal look..or more precise....MALAS..

If only i could do one more is such a bad hair day..


Monday, November 19, 2012

Back Pain

We were doing some spring cleaning during the weekend and took off all our old curtains and replaced with new ones.

There's no one better to do the job than my hubby.. the climbing, swiping and all..

We were surprised to see the amount of dust that we managed to collect so far. I thought living in a high-rise
we won't face this kind of problem but not my house.

Unfortunately, after all the cleaning my hub suffered with a sudden back pain. At first i thought it was only temporary but it has been 3 days and he complaints it's still painful.

He needs help to get up, to sit down, he can't sit in a certain position for a long time and can't barely walk..

I googled about it and it seems that either he got to rest for up to few weeks or take pain killer. There is not certain  treatment since this symptoms hasn't exceed over a month yet. After a month it will be considered chronic.

Now im watching him lying down and even that can still cause him pain..poor hubby..

i pray you will get well soon..


Saturday, November 17, 2012

Shop Dorothy Perkins Online

 Only now i know Dorothy Perkins is available online!

Haven't browse anything yet but looking at the shipping charges i was like "Wowww"

Well MANGO charges RM40..hmm i guess  if u decide to purchase it's better be worth it.


p/s: pics from their website

10.11.12...Happy Birthday Hubby

On 10.11.12...he turned 29..

I believe its a sacred number to him since this would be his last 2 series.. ; )

This year we celebrated it with most moderate way..

what i bought for him was such a in prompt tu...was on my way back from my parent's house where suddenly i just stop by at The Curve and got something for him..

plus a pair of his favorite jeans and a shirt.

the next few days we were busy to only realize the cupcake i bought was sitting in the fridge for 5 days!

we lit up the candle and sang Happy Birthday song together..

that baby has be in long enough to absorb all the "good" smell from the fridge..especially my belacan..

Nevertheless..we still enjoyed flavor ; tiramisu + belacan ;)

Happy Birthday my dear beloved husband..

May u live long in all the happiness the world can give (with me)


Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Salam Maal Hijrah

Bermulanya azan maghrib hari ini adalah bermulanya tahun baru islam..

Salam Maal Hijrah..semoga tahun ini lebih baik dari tahun lepasku.