Saturday, November 17, 2012

10.11.12...Happy Birthday Hubby

On 10.11.12...he turned 29..

I believe its a sacred number to him since this would be his last 2 series.. ; )

This year we celebrated it with most moderate way..

what i bought for him was such a in prompt tu...was on my way back from my parent's house where suddenly i just stop by at The Curve and got something for him..

plus a pair of his favorite jeans and a shirt.

the next few days we were busy to only realize the cupcake i bought was sitting in the fridge for 5 days!

we lit up the candle and sang Happy Birthday song together..

that baby has be in long enough to absorb all the "good" smell from the fridge..especially my belacan..

Nevertheless..we still enjoyed flavor ; tiramisu + belacan ;)

Happy Birthday my dear beloved husband..

May u live long in all the happiness the world can give (with me)