Monday, October 01, 2012

You Know You'll Love me..XOXO

"Spotted at Grand Central, bags in hand: Serena van der Woodsen'

pic from here

Among my fav line in Gossip Girl..

To be honest i have lost track of this series..cite die bole tahan gakla dah deviate..not really into it right now.

The funny thing is my hub has been dragged to watch before and always confuse with Serena & Blair..which is which..

Recently Blake Lively was seen in Venice Film Festival party for "Gucci Premiere: The Directors Cut".

pic from here

And my hub screamed "Hey..its Blair!"

I said " No laaaaa...that's Serena..Serena van Der Woodsen" (hamek kau nama penuh aku bg)

Hub: Ehh Blair laaaa..Serena is the other girl..i knowwww

I was like.. "helloooo..sape yg actually a fan niii??i did watch a few season at least kottt.."

He was so confident the girl is Blair ( Leighton Meester) when i quickly turn to Google and show him the picture of Blair..
He then sengihh mcm kera...issshhhh..degillllll..

I turned to him and said " when it comes to this...u dont wanna argue with me babeh"