Sunday, October 28, 2012

(Very) Affordable Material

Last week went again to Jalan TAR..

this time was to assist me dear BFF to find her engagement-maid material..hehe so excited

but what excite me the most is the fact we only went to one store and that was it!

we got what we want!..yippiieeeeeee

She had her own own budget for the material and honestly i thought being picky us...sounds like impossible.

But at that very fine day we were lucky. we got the material with a fraction of price.

at Harisons!

we specifically looking for minty green color for her engagement event and walahhhhh...

The material is something like chiffon but its a bit has some sheer shiny effect but in a good way. nmpak mahal.

Oh god they have it in soooo many colors- gold,olive green,dark turquoise, lovely peach, yellow, orange,red-even i was tempted to have another color for my own!

Ape lg terus borong..

The price??? only RM8.80 per meter! cheap kann??almost 50% less.

and the lining part lagi coincident ade kain satin tebal kaler mint jugak nearby..cost only RM2.50 per meter!!!!what a bargain!

i also dont really like the shiny effect on our dress so ape susah, terbalikkan jelah lining tu..hehehe..

happy face + tembam face!

This material i think is perfect for bridesmaid/maid of honor (yg confirm xbole glamour lebih dari pengantin la kan)..

since the price is super cheap..beli bnyk pn x terasa.

of course the quality not tip top but to me its wearable and still looks nice laaa.

so sape yg kebetulan mmg tgh scout nk cari kain murah utk bridemaids silalah try cari kt sini...i know time kawin bnyk nk pakai duit tp serba serbi sume bende nk jugak merasa kan?

we walked out of the store feeling satisfied to the max...

i bet her future fiance will love her more..pandai save duit :)



oshinz said...

perempuan kan mesti kena pandai shopping! hehe.

DalilaMian said...

oshinz:haruuuuusla..its our nature :)