Tuesday, October 09, 2012

The Meet Ups & Cooking

I had chicken in the fridge that i bought at SOGO the day before. i had this BFF meet up with miss Alia at Jalan TAR to discuss about her engagement prep. Glad we managed to sum up a lot of things. yeaaayyyy..

there we went to almost all of the shops there before decided which fabric we want. it was tiring but fun at the same.it kinda remind when i was preparing for my engagement.

after that...we had some full-time housewives session whereby we shared recipes, talked about how we wanted our own super size kitchen, and finding the best bargain for our raw stuff at SOGO supermarket...it was hilarious...


Yesterday me and hub decided to chill and relax at home when i suddenly had this urge to have my own cook meal for lunch. with my chicken and some other stuff i bought at SOGO, so ayam goreng kunyit it is.

we cooked together which is rare because most of the time i don't want anyone else in my kitchen while im cooking. but yesterday was bit different since i wanted to give my hub a chance eventho i know he''ll be more of a kacau than helping hahaha..


but as i expected..it was lack of something..he forgot to put garammmm while marinating the chicken!

we had to put last minute and the result it became salty plakkk..hmmm bedal jelah.

at night i was still at my lazy mode didnt want to go out.so  just a simple spageti with dolmio pasta sauce was sufficient.

dolmio is currently my fav brand for pasta sauce..yummmyyyyy

not to forget fresh grated parmesan cheese. ill try romano/mozarella next time..