Tuesday, October 23, 2012

The JM Arrival

Finally today i received the package..JM dress from poplook.

i was so excited since last week that today the excitement has left only 50%..

can u guess which design i bought?

and the excitement was reduced further lower after i tried them on.

please please do not laugh at the pictures yaaa..i know i have gained a lot of weight thus explained why i seldom put my own pic in this blog..low self esteem :(

but still..the XS size does not do its justice..

got some gelembungness on the back..i dont know why..is the top that long?so it doesn't fit my upper body well?

the other design..well..not so bad..but still have that little gelembungness problem..just not that obvious

for god sake i bought the smallest size they have and yet i know i already gained so much weight and still the top is a bit loose??? aiyaakkkk macam mana ini?

ok ignore the tummy part..i know its a bit tight there..but i''ll live. i'm working on it..i'm already on diet  (bueekkk)

so now im selling the pink one (Jerielle) at bit lower price.. RM370..if anyone interested please email me at dalilamian@yahoo.com.

please please somebody buy from me..or my dear hub will go "tulah,sape suruh beli banyak-banyak???"

"where got banyak??....2 jeeeee?" i said.

he rolled his eyes..



love for life said...

indah kabor jugak la baju ni kan dila?

DalilaMian said...

loveforlife:hmmm susah nk komen..tp keciwa jugaklahhh lebih kurang

noornazuha said...

mcm beminat gak nak beli poplook nii....mahal ke?nk cari dress

DalilaMian said...

noornazuha:haaa..dress die not bad

Renee Meow said...

the pink one cantik but sayang la if u sell..y not go to tailor mana2 n fix it dear..;)

DalilaMian said...

renee: syg jugak tp kalau smpai kne major alteration rasa cam x bbaloi simpan..baik jual je