Tuesday, October 16, 2012


One of our major problem now is we're still fighting who should go and take their bath first. you know, we just got back,tired and exhausted that all we want is to just lay lazily on the couch while you're hands lazily pressing the remote control.

and there we are..2 lazy bums looking so silly like we never want to leave the couch.

the best feeling of the whole wide world.

of course normally it would be me to get up and go to shower..or else my hub will NEVER do it first..

"it's ok honey,i give u the privilege to shower first..me after u..u get to sleep first..i don't wanna see u sleep late."

yeah rite.

when i came out of the bathroom..he already "selamat" zzzZzZzzZZzZzzz on the couch with only his towel on.

i just wish i can splash the whole pile of water to his face and see his reaction.

JK,not in this life.


love for life said...

conteng je muka dia dila:)

Im in love said...

encounter the same prob too especially bangun mandi g keje.. shheesshh!!

DalilaMian said...

loveforlife:haha..u gv me an idea!
baby:itu pagi2 ok lagi..ni dah nk tgh malam pn x mandi2 lagi hokayyy

misha.w said...

lain kali mandi lah sama2. kan senang jimat masa. hehehehe

DalilaMian said...

misha: mandi sama?hahaha..kadang2 ade la..huhu