Monday, October 29, 2012

My 1st Wedding Anniversary

Yap he did surprise me..

By forgetting it!!!!!

well, i dont blame him was in the middle of Raya Qurban..and he was pretty occupied.

But he did wish me on the strike of midnight...right on my ears while i was pretending to sleep and sulking all the way..

he said he will make it up to me when we get back in KL.

he did..a very in-promptu lunch and a bouquet of flowers.

we went to BSC right after Penang.

him while waiting for the flowers..actually this is sooo and him buying flowers for ME.

i have to admit i was very mad...i mean its our 1st anniversary duhhhhhh.. but i guess he already learnt his lesson hahaha.

i'm not asking for a fancy dinner or an expensive gift..its the thought that counts..and some efforts hehe..

but most importantly is our journey..may Allah bless it with a healthy relationship and may we be together till Jannah..amin