Thursday, October 04, 2012


Me and hub agreed that this is one of our favorite bakery of all time..

The Baker's Son (Le Boulanger Le Fils? Boulanger Fils? eh forget it)

Located at Perdana Shopping Centre, Damansara Perdana (near JAYA supermarket which i also love to shop my groceries at)... u know what i like about this place?

this pic from their website

The ambience. u can feel the french-style-bakery here..Such a cool place to chill ek?

My favourite??

errr..something like cheese and raisins bread?...(cant remember) felt so cheesy and buttery soft but excuse the part i have bit. the other is almond roll which my hub loves..

But the tricky part is the parking..quite hard to get. The other day my hub had to make a round 3 times just to wait for me to go inside and buy the stuff above. and the fact that he couldnt remember the name of his fav didnt help either.i pretty much took my time there..;) sorry hubs!