Friday, October 05, 2012

500th Post Anniversary Giveaway!!!

Ohhh it feels like yesterday since i first wrote in this blog.

Dari time single mase br abis diploma to zaman bersukaria with bff in my degree time, zaman tukar2 keje sampai 8 kali to zaman i found back mr NAZ, bercinta pastu gaduh, merisik, tunang, kahwin and now life after we got all my travelling experience..

of course tak semua dpt dicatitkan di sini. to many things going on sometimes i just dont know how to put them on writing. all the bittersweet memories...

but i love blogging. its like my online diaries except the fact other people/strangers can read it hahaha.

no word can express how thankful and grateful i am to Allah for blessing me with wonderful people around.

having said i am at my 500th post..

not much compared to the other blog but im doing what i love which is to write and even until now im learning how to do it better.

so this post is dedicated to my silent readers (you know who you are), bloggers friends, and anyone who follow my blog including those who keep emailing me to ask about stuff..hehehe..

So to show my appreciation, i have some little gift for you. these are all my souvenirs that i still have left with me. Nothing much only some fridge magnets and keychain.. There are from Hong Kong, (mostly), London, Venice, Switzerland & Australia.

No worry there are free and anyone interested, its a first come first serve basis..but to be fair, each reader can only request for 1 only need to pay RM5 for the delivery charge (most probably Pos Laju).

Some of them come with cover (plastic) and some not.

So pick your choice by referring to the code:

HK fridge magnet-made from metal

HK Disneyland fridge magnet-signboard style

HK fridge magnet-not sure what is the material but breakable if fall hard.

 Venezia(Venice), London & Switzerland fridge magnet
London TAKEN

HK fridge magnet cum bottle opener-metal type

Cute & small Australia clip on bear-not a fridge magent

HK Keychain......HK12 is from HK Disneyland

if anyone interested please email me at

So thats it. it might not be a lavish gift but i guess its a token of appreciation.

Insyallah i will be travelling more in the future and certainly there will be more gifts for u guys..

All im asking is for you to wish me well in my journey and of course im doing the same for u..

Till then..



Im in love said...

takyah bagi kat silent reader la.. ni kawan serumah hang pon tak pernah dapat souvenir tu.. acener.. nk london please.. takyah susah2 courier, org datang amek je kat umah hang. :P

DalilaMian said...

baby:oiiiii souvenir korea,jepun ngn china hang pon gwe x merasa lg kottt...acenerrrrr...hahahahha...okeh london pnye reserved for baby yg tsayang

Im in love said...

mase g china ngan jepun mmg sengkek, so jangan kata hang, adik beradik aku pon tak dapeekk.. tapi korea punye souvenir, ade! nnti kite swap.. okeehh? yang tinggal fridge magnet jeww.. tape?

DalilaMian said...

baby:okehh jeeew...nnti swap k??

amelyn said...

Nak hk6 and hk7 boleh??? Cute

DalilaMian said...

u pnye psal...bole jeeeee heheh..pls email me at