Wednesday, October 31, 2012


My cute, bam bam, chubby, montel, tembam.....nephew.

Very naughty..he's only 8 month++ already has imsomnia.

meaning he has trouble (or hate) sleeping at night...pity her mother hehe :)

But he favors my hub than me..if my hub is holding him and i reach out to him..he will reject me..waaaaah so pandai this boy..

its ok little kid...i know what to do if suddenly ur mum ask me to babysit u if she's on call..

i really will sit on u!


Monday, October 29, 2012

My 1st Wedding Anniversary

Yap he did surprise me..

By forgetting it!!!!!

well, i dont blame him was in the middle of Raya Qurban..and he was pretty occupied.

But he did wish me on the strike of midnight...right on my ears while i was pretending to sleep and sulking all the way..

he said he will make it up to me when we get back in KL.

he did..a very in-promptu lunch and a bouquet of flowers.

we went to BSC right after Penang.

him while waiting for the flowers..actually this is sooo and him buying flowers for ME.

i have to admit i was very mad...i mean its our 1st anniversary duhhhhhh.. but i guess he already learnt his lesson hahaha.

i'm not asking for a fancy dinner or an expensive gift..its the thought that counts..and some efforts hehe..

but most importantly is our journey..may Allah bless it with a healthy relationship and may we be together till Jannah..amin

Sunday, October 28, 2012

(Very) Affordable Material

Last week went again to Jalan TAR..

this time was to assist me dear BFF to find her engagement-maid material..hehe so excited

but what excite me the most is the fact we only went to one store and that was it!

we got what we want!..yippiieeeeeee

She had her own own budget for the material and honestly i thought being picky us...sounds like impossible.

But at that very fine day we were lucky. we got the material with a fraction of price.

at Harisons!

we specifically looking for minty green color for her engagement event and walahhhhh...

The material is something like chiffon but its a bit has some sheer shiny effect but in a good way. nmpak mahal.

Oh god they have it in soooo many colors- gold,olive green,dark turquoise, lovely peach, yellow, orange,red-even i was tempted to have another color for my own!

Ape lg terus borong..

The price??? only RM8.80 per meter! cheap kann??almost 50% less.

and the lining part lagi coincident ade kain satin tebal kaler mint jugak nearby..cost only RM2.50 per meter!!!!what a bargain!

i also dont really like the shiny effect on our dress so ape susah, terbalikkan jelah lining tu..hehehe..

happy face + tembam face!

This material i think is perfect for bridesmaid/maid of honor (yg confirm xbole glamour lebih dari pengantin la kan)..

since the price is super cheap..beli bnyk pn x terasa.

of course the quality not tip top but to me its wearable and still looks nice laaa.

so sape yg kebetulan mmg tgh scout nk cari kain murah utk bridemaids silalah try cari kt sini...i know time kawin bnyk nk pakai duit tp serba serbi sume bende nk jugak merasa kan?

we walked out of the store feeling satisfied to the max...

i bet her future fiance will love her more..pandai save duit :)


Thursday, October 25, 2012

The Lace Arrival

its only sample.but im soooo over the moon!

there're gorgeous..i love them so much and even its a sample its big enough to patch it on my dress..hehehe

all made from exclusive.

cant wait for my next dress...yahoooo


Tuesday, October 23, 2012

The JM Arrival

Finally today i received the package..JM dress from poplook.

i was so excited since last week that today the excitement has left only 50%..

can u guess which design i bought?

and the excitement was reduced further lower after i tried them on.

please please do not laugh at the pictures yaaa..i know i have gained a lot of weight thus explained why i seldom put my own pic in this blog..low self esteem :(

but still..the XS size does not do its justice..

got some gelembungness on the back..i dont know the top that long?so it doesn't fit my upper body well?

the other design..well..not so bad..but still have that little gelembungness problem..just not that obvious

for god sake i bought the smallest size they have and yet i know i already gained so much weight and still the top is a bit loose??? aiyaakkkk macam mana ini?

ok ignore the tummy part..i know its a bit tight there..but i''ll live. i'm working on it..i'm already on diet  (bueekkk)

so now im selling the pink one (Jerielle) at bit lower price.. RM370..if anyone interested please email me at

please please somebody buy from me..or my dear hub will go "tulah,sape suruh beli banyak-banyak???"

"where got banyak??....2 jeeeee?" i said.

he rolled his eyes..


Sunday, October 21, 2012

Short Short Getaway..

One of my best weekend...wisely spent.

just got off from the plane..soooooooo tired and my whole body aching...can't wait to tell u more..

but let me rest this tired body of mine first..


Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Perlu Or Tak Perlu?

i guess im glad bcos i i'been through all the stages bfore i got to where i am today..

i mean merisik..btunang..nikah and sanding sume2 tu?

it felt complete.

even if i were given a choice, i would still like it that way. dont wanna skip anything.

of coursela not all of it compulsory. the only thing that is compulsory is the solemnization (akad nikah)

tapi buat pn xde salahnye..lebih mengeratkan silaturrahim kan? hehehe

25 July 201 - merisik

5 Nov 2010 - engagement

28 Oct 2011 - solemnization

31 Oct 2011 - reception

im aware some people dont even bother about this them yg penting dulukan yg wajip..heheh ok..

it depends on individual preferences.

but my advice..don't be so selfish.

ade case parents yg suke kalau buat majlis cthnye engagement..but tuan punye badan xnk. die nk trus nikah mati2 die xnk jugak ..and ade worse case sampai gaduh2 ngn parents. buat simple2 pn xnak.

i understand kadang2 tuan pnye badan xnk tu mungkin sebab bajet xde and parents x sponsor pun.

tp ini kes yg parents blh byr tp still xmo.ape kes? to me apalah salah utk bende baik mcm tu ikut jelah kehendak mak ayah..kadang2 mereka nk buat majlis sbb nk jgak mnjemput kwn2 yg dah lame dorang x jmpe.

to me kalau ade sape2 di luar sane yg tmsuk golongan tuan punye diri di atas silalah pikir nk meraikan kite so spatutnye kite appreciate..and besar pahalanya kalau menyenangkan hati mak bapak ni.lgi besar pahala kalau kite korbankan kehendak kite sndiri utk mereka.

its just my 2cents.

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Holding Hands

Today we went to Bukit Ekspo, UPM.

Gosh it brings back the memory when i was a student here. last time i went to Bukit Ekspo was years ago.

Seriously felt weird holding my hub hands in front of all the students there..

Macam "isshh seganla ngn student2 sume ni..muke semua innocent jeeeerrrr"

My eyes kept browsing around for anyone i know..worried  ; )

bukan segan sbb ape..dulu skema mane reti pegang2 tangan ni masa belaja..HAHAHAHAH



One of our major problem now is we're still fighting who should go and take their bath first. you know, we just got back,tired and exhausted that all we want is to just lay lazily on the couch while you're hands lazily pressing the remote control.

and there we are..2 lazy bums looking so silly like we never want to leave the couch.

the best feeling of the whole wide world.

of course normally it would be me to get up and go to shower..or else my hub will NEVER do it first..

"it's ok honey,i give u the privilege to shower after u..u get to sleep first..i don't wanna see u sleep late."

yeah rite.

when i came out of the bathroom..he already "selamat" zzzZzZzzZZzZzzz on the couch with only his towel on.

i just wish i can splash the whole pile of water to his face and see his reaction.

JK,not in this life.

Friday, October 12, 2012


Such a sudden fever i got 2 days ago..caused by my infected tonsil..quite bad..poor my husband has to do all the house chores since i cant do a darn thing! he just did it voluntarily without me asking.. surprisingly..well i think i should get sick more often..or at least pretend to be.. ;)

Felt so helpless and weak!

went to clinic and got my drugs..

However today, feel slightly better and cooking mood is on again..made chinese fried rice..just a simple dish.

im so glad my fever is almost over..cant stand the nerve muscle paint and the heavy head thingy..errrr just ignore what i said earlier about getting sick more often..i'll do all the housechores...pls no more fever!


Giveaway & Blogshop

holla dearest!

still got key chain /fridge magnets left!

pls dont be shy..and for those yg email but then went MIA..pls let me know if you are no longer interested yee..x baik buat org tertunggu tunggu hehehe..

just click here:

and dont forget to check my blogshop..ade few dresseslg yg still available..



Tuesday, October 09, 2012

The Meet Ups & Cooking

I had chicken in the fridge that i bought at SOGO the day before. i had this BFF meet up with miss Alia at Jalan TAR to discuss about her engagement prep. Glad we managed to sum up a lot of things. yeaaayyyy..

there we went to almost all of the shops there before decided which fabric we want. it was tiring but fun at the kinda remind when i was preparing for my engagement.

after that...we had some full-time housewives session whereby we shared recipes, talked about how we wanted our own super size kitchen, and finding the best bargain for our raw stuff at SOGO was hilarious...


Yesterday me and hub decided to chill and relax at home when i suddenly had this urge to have my own cook meal for lunch. with my chicken and some other stuff i bought at SOGO, so ayam goreng kunyit it is.

we cooked together which is rare because most of the time i don't want anyone else in my kitchen while im cooking. but yesterday was bit different since i wanted to give my hub a chance eventho i know he''ll be more of a kacau than helping hahaha..


but as i was lack of something..he forgot to put garammmm while marinating the chicken!

we had to put last minute and the result it became salty plakkk..hmmm bedal jelah.

at night i was still at my lazy mode didnt want to go  just a simple spageti with dolmio pasta sauce was sufficient.

dolmio is currently my fav brand for pasta sauce..yummmyyyyy

not to forget fresh grated parmesan cheese. ill try romano/mozarella next time..


Friday, October 05, 2012

500th Post Anniversary Giveaway!!!

Ohhh it feels like yesterday since i first wrote in this blog.

Dari time single mase br abis diploma to zaman bersukaria with bff in my degree time, zaman tukar2 keje sampai 8 kali to zaman i found back mr NAZ, bercinta pastu gaduh, merisik, tunang, kahwin and now life after we got all my travelling experience..

of course tak semua dpt dicatitkan di sini. to many things going on sometimes i just dont know how to put them on writing. all the bittersweet memories...

but i love blogging. its like my online diaries except the fact other people/strangers can read it hahaha.

no word can express how thankful and grateful i am to Allah for blessing me with wonderful people around.

having said i am at my 500th post..

not much compared to the other blog but im doing what i love which is to write and even until now im learning how to do it better.

so this post is dedicated to my silent readers (you know who you are), bloggers friends, and anyone who follow my blog including those who keep emailing me to ask about stuff..hehehe..

So to show my appreciation, i have some little gift for you. these are all my souvenirs that i still have left with me. Nothing much only some fridge magnets and keychain.. There are from Hong Kong, (mostly), London, Venice, Switzerland & Australia.

No worry there are free and anyone interested, its a first come first serve basis..but to be fair, each reader can only request for 1 only need to pay RM5 for the delivery charge (most probably Pos Laju).

Some of them come with cover (plastic) and some not.

So pick your choice by referring to the code:

HK fridge magnet-made from metal

HK Disneyland fridge magnet-signboard style

HK fridge magnet-not sure what is the material but breakable if fall hard.

 Venezia(Venice), London & Switzerland fridge magnet
London TAKEN

HK fridge magnet cum bottle opener-metal type

Cute & small Australia clip on bear-not a fridge magent

HK Keychain......HK12 is from HK Disneyland

if anyone interested please email me at

So thats it. it might not be a lavish gift but i guess its a token of appreciation.

Insyallah i will be travelling more in the future and certainly there will be more gifts for u guys..

All im asking is for you to wish me well in my journey and of course im doing the same for u..

Till then..


Thursday, October 04, 2012


Me and hub agreed that this is one of our favorite bakery of all time..

The Baker's Son (Le Boulanger Le Fils? Boulanger Fils? eh forget it)

Located at Perdana Shopping Centre, Damansara Perdana (near JAYA supermarket which i also love to shop my groceries at)... u know what i like about this place?

this pic from their website

The ambience. u can feel the french-style-bakery here..Such a cool place to chill ek?

My favourite??

errr..something like cheese and raisins bread?...(cant remember) felt so cheesy and buttery soft but excuse the part i have bit. the other is almond roll which my hub loves..

But the tricky part is the parking..quite hard to get. The other day my hub had to make a round 3 times just to wait for me to go inside and buy the stuff above. and the fact that he couldnt remember the name of his fav didnt help either.i pretty much took my time there..;) sorry hubs!


Wednesday, October 03, 2012

The Other Dress..

Other dress to let go..

Coming soon..


Humble Chef

been hearing about this little diner from other food blog..and i feel like wanna give it a try.

they are famous with their varieties of spaghetti, pitas & omelettes yummm yummm my favourites.

we've tried to go there 2 times before but luck was not on our side as it was closed. first time went at 4pm and the second time went on Sunday.

so ladies, here is the opening times:

Monday -  Friday : 12pm - 3pm
                               6pm - 11.30pm

Saturday: dont really remember but i think its from lunch time till 11.30pm

the other Humble Chef also operates every night by its own van that parks at Pusat Bandar Damansara near to HELP college. Starts at 9.30pm until 12.30am.

Here is the view from outside

pic from here

 pic from here

the menu ranges from :

pic from here

What i had?

Aglio E Olio (as this dish is my faveret i must try it first whenever dining at new place)

My hub had chicken carnobara

Beef Omelette

me and hub did come to actually try out and rate the food as i kept mumbling about this place to hub (plus the 2 unsuccesful attemps).

we hv this thing where the first bite we have at any restaurant we will judge rightaway and automatically will say "rating,rating"..hahha..and suprisingly..we love it!

yap it was a simple and very light meal..but my olio has the right amount of saltiness, nice balance of moist. of kos the seeafood i could find was only 2 pieces of prawn cut into pieces helloooo its worth it laa for RM5 worth of food.

my hub also loved his dish..the portion was small but the texture was creamy enough and quite satisfying.

omelette was good tho..we should have got 1 for each of us instead of sharing hehe..

the spagetti reminds me of the one if KLCC foodcourt (Cafe Milano)....

in terms of taste HC wins but in therms of portion and ingredients the MC wins heheheh..

Here's the info:

Humble Chef Cafe
Unit 54-G, Jalan Medan Setia 2
Bukit Damansara
50490 Kuala Lumpur.
Tel: (+6014) 2296 854
Business hours: (as the above)

Facebook : The Humble Chef


Monday, October 01, 2012

You Know You'll Love me..XOXO

"Spotted at Grand Central, bags in hand: Serena van der Woodsen'

pic from here

Among my fav line in Gossip Girl..

To be honest i have lost track of this series..cite die bole tahan gakla dah deviate..not really into it right now.

The funny thing is my hub has been dragged to watch before and always confuse with Serena & Blair..which is which..

Recently Blake Lively was seen in Venice Film Festival party for "Gucci Premiere: The Directors Cut".

pic from here

And my hub screamed "Hey..its Blair!"

I said " No laaaaa...that's Serena..Serena van Der Woodsen" (hamek kau nama penuh aku bg)

Hub: Ehh Blair laaaa..Serena is the other girl..i knowwww

I was like.. "helloooo..sape yg actually a fan niii??i did watch a few season at least kottt.."

He was so confident the girl is Blair ( Leighton Meester) when i quickly turn to Google and show him the picture of Blair..
He then sengihh mcm kera...issshhhh..degillllll..

I turned to him and said " when it comes to this...u dont wanna argue with me babeh"